Blind Date Bondage

Desert Of Fear

Tight Bondage Video Collection 38


Bondage And Fetish 154

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The Arrested Burglar

Self Bondage With Zipties

Mega Extreme - Hard Punishment

Release Year: 2014

A extraordinare Freak troupe lives from their sado-masochistic impulses to excess. They know no taboos: lust, passion, devotion and demand restraint, perverse, really extreme! And the Master has everything under control and explores enjoyable from their borders...

Mega Extrem - Hard Education

Release Year: 2014

The "Master of Torment" celebrated one relentlessly hard "Mammoth Session.Anal, vaginal, oral ...The game with the carrot and the stick is pushed to extremes, until it comes ans the absolute ..

Love Drug - Dixon Mason

Release Year: 2011

When you lock a pair of sluts like Dixon Mason and Sasha in a cage together you have to expect that they will do what comes naturally eventually. If PD has given them a little bit of chemical enhancement to spur them on, it is just a coincidence. It takes some serious contorting for them to even get into position and before either one of them can really get off he has returned. He is going to make them do some work on the farm before he lets them finish enjoying each other. If they want any of the privileges he has to offer they are going to have to earn them.

Bondage Designs - Panty Gagged

Release Year: 2013

Gina Rae comes home from work to find room mate Kobe Lee watching TV. Kobe tells her that she's been watching her favorite Soap on TV and they had a girl tied up. Kobe says she can't believe how fake it is and she knows even though the girl kept struggling that she could have gotten untied and out of the ropes.

Nazi Torture Castle

Release Year: 2014

Cindy Prince's classic bondage videos have been digitally remastered on DVD! Cindy is a C.I.A. agent posing as a nurse in World War II. After her plane is shot down, she is captured & the Nazi's believe that she's out to kill their leader.

As The Wheel Turns

Creative predicaments are the hallmark of the brightest minds of BDSM. The intricate balance of clamps and shackles, the threat of pain and the promise of pleasure all create an atmosphere that places the subject into a state unlike any other: subspace. It is a special place inside her mind where service to others is all that matters. Nyssa is there right now. His wheel is the backdrop for the perverse acts that make women wet. She endures the whip across her belly and pussy for PD. She suffers through the clamps all over her body because he commands it.

Dirty Face

PD is training more sluts to be expert cock-suckers. There is an entire skill set that they need to perform up to his standards. A good slut needs to be able to dance, suffer and suck. Cumming on command is another must. Charlotte Vale already has the basics down. She is a candidate for his advanced classes. When she shakes her ass the beat is provided by the electrodes running into her. When she sucks she does it like a professional with a lot of practice. He knows that her holes are ready for anything and he also knows how to push those limits.

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