Mar 25

Beauties In Bondage

Studio: Devonshire Productions

Expect a very ultimate and creative bondage movie featuring some incredible tight bondage, amazing suspensions, spandex encasement, tightest rope bondage in uncomfortable positions, and a large variety of gags! Rare bondage video, for the true connoisseurs of the genre! Read More »

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Mar 25

Taming Jamie

Jamie says she doesnt like being tied up so its time for a test. Pushed into the room, the partially-bound milf struggles in defiance — maybe she actually doesnt like it! However, as more ropes are wrapped around her body the less she seems to be struggling. Hmm. The red ballgag stuffed in her mouth almost keeps her quiet as Jay fondles her big titties, gropes her tight ass, binds her to a chair and clamps her big nipples. Still ballgagged, she squirms on a stool where her elbows are roped together onscreen and heavy clamps dangle from her nipples. Her pretty mouth is plugged onscreen with a chin-strap ballgag and she is left to struggle with her inner demons of sexuality. Read More »

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Mar 24

Tri-Hanging Canagirls 3 Piedra Lorelei Mary Sean

Studio: Insex Archives

Fresh, innocent, unsure, they fidget nervously before the cameras, answering his questions guardedly. You have to wonder whats going through their heads as he begins to wrap the ropes expertly around their young naked skin. Are their panties wet with arousal when they feel his bondage embrace their limbs? Are they overwhelmed with urges they have never felt before? Was it all that they expected? Or maybe something more? In the third canagirls article, four newcomers submit themselves to PDs skillful hands for the first–and last–time. Read More »

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Mar 23

Work Shop Warrior

Studio: Everydayslaves

This website is my way of merging two of my passions – Documentary film making and lifestyle Bdsm. I personally live in a Bdsm relationship myself. This lifestyle is not so different from most relationships. My goal is to show it to you in all its reality, while trying to stimulate your own dark sexual desires and fantasies. Read More »

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Mar 19

Devonshire Production – DP-306

Here it is! Jewell Marceau gives you an “in and out” abudance of fully penetrative action with the hottest fetish models around! With some bondage and torment as foreplay, these girls dont waste time dipping their sticks into a begging and pleading horny, submissive girl! Enjoy as these naughty scenarios of strap-on play are captured for you right here all in one video! Read More »

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Mar 17

Bondage Bordello

Cast: Lana Blake, Jolene Decero, Big Bruno, April Love

At the Local bordello, Bruno, who is new to the establishment, eagerly the Madam in hopes of achieving exactly what he wants. It seems that he wishes a women who is knowledgably in the art of the tie. After making Bruno feel at home, she calls some of the ladies in for a quick inspection, Bruno chooses Lana, a dark haired beauty, with ever so much of a tinge of quiet erotic vibrancy. Read More »

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Mar 16

Jewells Treatments

Studio: Jewell Marceau Productions

Nurse Jewell Marceau decides to promote herself to the official position as the “head doctor” in her more than private medical office. This is where she practices and administers her own personal version of many sadistic theraputic treatments to her sexually addicted patients. Her patients cant seem to stop having orgasms no matter where they may be at any moment. Ashley Renee and Charlotte are committed to Dr. Jewells “specialized” methods of treatments unknowing to what degree of severity the Dr.s routine regimen will inflict upon these two hot and uncontrollably horny women who seem to have non-stop orgasms wherever they go! A cleverly hooded Darby gets wind of Jewells elaborate scheme of toturing her patients for her own sexual pleasure. She turns the tables on “Dr. Jewell” and gives her a taste of her own medicine! Read More »

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