Jan 27

Cheating Wife

Release Year: 2011
Studio: Harmony Concepts, Victor Ballen Production
Cast: Tory Sinclair, Brooke Evans, Megan Porter, Jackie Stewart
Video language: English

The first of Victor Ballen?s ?DETAINED? videos offers psychological as well as phsical restraint. It is destined to be a collector?s item ? a video you will watch over and over again. More of the extremely serious, if not grim, bondages-as-penance that the unrelenting Simone Devon creates for gorgeous but wayward women. In this video, Tory is planning an affair, but her perceptive husband detains her through a series of tight and gratifying ties. Brok Evans shows up as a naughty French Maid being punished for improper service, After the storyline are two vignettes of Megan Porter and three of Jackie Stewart (great barefoot scenes!). Read More »

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Jan 25

Sensation Slut

Cici Rhodes is a tall lanky redhead that clocks in at 5’10. She might be too much woman for most, but not for us. Today we are going to cut her down to size and work her over in all of the ways that this sensation slut so badly craves. We are going to bind her down and stuff her holes until she can not get her cum eyes uncrossed. Read More »

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Jan 24

Visual Bondage

Release Year: 1998
Studio: Harmony Concepts
Cast: Andrea Neal and Talia Monet

“Tight and pretty” is the phrase that best describes the women and the bondage in Phil Carson’s fourth video effort for Harmony. PC video regulars Andrea Neal and Talia Monet are back again, with Andrea showing off a couple of eyepopping, mouthwatering costume bondages and Talia in a comfortable, yet stunning casual tie. Read More »

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Jan 24

Tight Club

Release Year: 2000
Cast: Hollywood, Stacy Burke, Darby Daniels, Eve Ellis, Jewell Marceau
Genres: Bondage

This outstanding offering from tight bondager Jack Banner may just blow your socks off! There are 26 different scenes, with 8 different bondagettes in a 2 hour program. Even though he features professional models, this video looks like Jack is doing it for the fun of it, which makes it all the better. The lingerie is classic, often with a flair of 40s or 50s lingerie. And each and every one of these lovely and tight-tie-talented bondagettes looks absolutely irresistible! Gags are great – there are big ballgags, bit gags, tape gags with lots of packing (panties used), cleave gags… Read More »

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Jan 21

Both Masie And Sarah Face Each Other With Legs Apart…

Release Year: 2015

… then place as many wooden cloths pegs on their breast and nipples and pussy. Next they both place a small vibrator inside their pussy and switch it on before placing clamps on their labia. They each have a set of weights which they attach to the clamps until they both agree they have enough hanging from their labia before placing their hands behind their head. To make things interesting they agree to remove each others pegs one at a time then add more weights to their pussy clamps but neither will give in so after the surprising pain when removing the pussy clamps they decide to flip a coin – the loser will have to impale her sore pussy on the winners strap-on and fuck it while gagged and her arms pulled up behind her in a strappado by the winner. Read More »

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Jan 21

Ariel Returns With Two Hogties (2015)

The first is a simple legs tied with rope and hands cuffed to her ankles as she waits for the keys to be released from some melting ice; the second is her fantasy and a much stricter tie. She has straps around her ankles, above and below her knees and tits with more around her wrists and elbows which pull her elbows tightly together. To make sure she can’t see or make a noise a leather hood is laced and padlocked over her head which includes a dildo gag. Then rope is used to tie her wrists to her ankles and her elbows to a strap around her chest and finally a rope is tied from her toes to the top of the mask which keeps her movement to a minimum. Read More »

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Jan 18

Bad Girls Get Punished

When the notorious felon, Racquel is finally captured and handed over to Warden crews for a lengthy prison term, the warden couldn’t be happier. Once Racquel was locked into a prison cell with the rest of her gang, the warden could take satisfaction in knowing that these “Bad News Bitches” were permanently on ice. Unfortunately for the warden, Racquel has a different agenda. Overpowering the prison guard, Racquel introduces them to the ordeals of the whip, bastinado, clips and pins to let them know how it feels on the receiving end for a change. Read More »

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