Jun 27

Shes A Perfect Toy 1 India Summer

Studio: Strict Restraint/Dungeoncorp

Ive been a huge fan of India ever since we first shot her a few years back she is a beautiful and warm woman outrageous eyes, outrageous body, silky hair, sweet voice, educated and intelligent and freaky Ive had at least a couple bookings where I have been the scheduled Dom to work with India and when the day to shoot her comes around, Im always too busy to shoot or Im sick in this case, it was both So the Pope takes my place again We do something a bit different in this first set most of the time, getting models into the StrictRestraint. Read More »

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Jun 26

Cruel Bishop Reverse Prayer One Leg Balance

Studio: Hunterslair

With her arms cruelly twisted up behind her back in a brutal reverse prayer bleach blond Lauri Adverb struggles helplessly tethered to the overhead water pipes with ropes. He mouth has been tightly packed and wrapped with vet wrap to keep her quiet. The Hunter comes in with more ropes and Lauri tries to keep him away by kicking out with her stiletto heels. But he just grabs one of her legs and then ties her knee up to her chest her to balance on one stiletto heel. Read More »

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Jun 24

Return Of The Panty Sniffing Perverts

Studio: Infernalrestraints

You couldnt have thought we were done with Bella Rossi already. Look at her body. Those big tits, that tight ass, that perfect pussy; theres no way we were going to finish with her after just one quick video.To tell the truth she wasnt done with us, either. You see, she isnt some captive piece of ass that were keeping locked in a dungeon. She is here of her own free will. She came looking for intense bondage and corporal punishment. We brought more than one Dom along because weve seen Bella, and dozens of  other girls just like her, before. Read More »

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Jun 24

Pricked 1

Studio: Real Time Bondage

When a movie opens up on two beautiful young women locked in a cage you know that it is going to be a good one. Mollie Rose and Candace Cross are in this together today. Mollie is our main focus. She has had the chance to sit in on our live feeds before, so she knew exactly what she was getting herself into when she signed up. In fact, that is why she was so excited to come work with us again. She is one of the most intense submissives that we have ever come across, in fact. She doesnt just like bondage and discipline. It isnt just a sexual fetish or even a lifestyle for her. Read More »

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Jun 23

Masters Of Pain

Studio: BandD Pleasures

Sir B brings in porn star Elektra Caliente for her first bondage flick, he makes her strip naked in front of the camera for all to see, now they are ready for some SandM fun. Her hair is bound first and pulled making her stand on her toes, then clamps are put on her nipples and pussy and pulled in different directions. As soon as the clamps are off she is flogged and mouse traps are placed on her. Read More »

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Jun 18

The Present Of Pain

Studio: Master Snaurg

Maria Shadoes knows how to give the most perfect present to someone each and every time. She offers herself to Master Snaurg by leaving a note on his door to come and find his surprise. Upon his arrival, Maria is already suffering. Shes suspended herself to a cross and is already completely vulnerable to the Master. Marias suffering continues as Snaurg binds, gags, canes and uses her to his satisfaction. You will most definitely enjoy Maria Shadoes present of pain! Read More »

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Jun 16

Clamps And Binding

Studio: Modelstied

Exclusive High Quality Bondage Videos. The most beautiful girls and erotic ladies communicate with each other in sexy outfits, sky-high studs and most long boots, latex and leather, elegant furs and evening gowns, uniforms, stockings, corsets, gloves, pantyhose, handcuffs, chains, belts, bikinis, the Spurs . In each video the sea glamour and fetish. Enjoy awesome famous glamour girls in naughty bondage. Read More »

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