The Bondage Channel – Slowly Losing the Battle (Lola Lynn)

Glamour model Lola Lynn agrees to try out the orgasm bar. She edges herself trying not to cum over the Hitachi. But she loses after being bound tightly with tied nipples she jumps and squirms as the wand goes on!

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JBR Midwest Video Collection 1

These lovely young bondage models from midwest give me the great pleasure of tying them tight! Some of them are the best models in the country even the world! Some of our favorites: Christina Carter, Sara Liz, Stacie Snow, Serene Isley, Cali Logan, Nyxon, Angeliqe Kithos, Natalie Minx, or Randy Moore.

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2204 – Sandra Silvers, Tomiko, Lisa Harlotte

2204 - Sandra Silvers, Tomiko, Lisa Harlotte

Three Pantyhose-clad, Wrap-gagged MILFs, Carried into the warehouse, Hogtied, Left to Attempt Escape! The three girls are stashed in the storeroom to await their delivery to their new owners. The only chance any of them have is to work together to escape! Can they in time?

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2208 – Sandra Silvers, Constance Coyne

2208 - Sandra Silvers, Constance Coyne

Stripped to Bras, Panties & Pantyhose, Curvy MILF Captives Left Alone In Auto Shop, Attempt Escape! The girls sit back to back, ball tied and gagged with a rag cleaved in their mouths. The knees on their nylon-clad legs tightly tied to their upper arms and chests, bending them over and showing off the luscious curves of their shapely asses.

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2212 – Sandra Silvers, Lauren Kiley

2212 - Sandra Silvers, Lauren Kiley

Naked and Barefoot MILF Hostages Hogtied, Hair Tied and Toe Tied – On Screen! Voluptuous MILF Sandra and Lauren, her athletic gal pal, are being held hostage in an old, abandoned trailer. Gripping hold of Sandra’s silky silver ponytail the burly brute binds her hair and big toes together!

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