The Office Bet Lilly Loses

I open the door and walk in with rachel bound, ballgagged, hobbled and wearing a turtleneck sweater and skin tight stretchy pants. I have her on a crotchrope leash as I walk her through the large open space. Once I arrive at our destination I tie her crotch rope off up high. I manhandle and smack her ass a few times before I leave her to struggle and drool.

You Shouldnt Make The Boss Mad

Release Year: 2013

She tries talking through the gag, but I can't understand a word she's saying. I return with my camera and take a few snapshots. I then smack her ass a few more times as I pull up on her crotchrope with my other hand. Next I untie the crotchrope from overhead and sit her down. I leaver her crotchroped, but use the extra length to tie her waist to the chair. The remainder of the clip is on camera tying of rachel to the Chair.

Her Car Broke Down

Jenna Luvs Hogties

Triple Threat Treat

The Sexy Latino

Nyxon Bitchy Model

It Is Not A Game He Is Robbing Us

Bounty Hunter And Cat Burglar

Hogtied To A Post

The Creepy Couple Hire A Bondage Model

The Kinky Couple has JJ bound at the wrists and ankles and a giant clothes pin is on her tongue. The duo has decided to hire other girls to model for their clips4sale store. JJ gets the clothespin off of her tongue and tries to tell the model that she has been abducted by this couple but she thinks JJ is role playing. The new girl Kitty likes bondage a lot and is excited to be working with the couple, but she has no idea that they are considering keeping her as well. Tony ties Kittys wrists and ankles as Dixie adds more rope to JJs body and puts a 3inch ballgag with chin strap on her.

Summer Fun- Tight Elbow Cuffs And Demobilizing Ropes

Summer struggles in a form fitting dress with a girdle and stockings underneath. She is in tight elbow cuffs, rigid wrist cuffs and short ankle irons. She is also wearing a 2 inch ballgag.

UnderGround - Rope Repair

Talia and Melinda try to get away without paying their cable bill and are always calling to complain about service. Dominic, the repairman has enough and takes matters into his own hands with erotic rope ties, tight gags and a whip in hand for these two unsatisfied customers. All scenes feature beautiful female victims in realistic bondage with a bit of punishment added to spice up the story!

Dan Hawke - Angels Accounting

Alisha Ngel learns that stealing from the mob is never a good idea. We open with Alisha bound and ready for some derious tease. The objective is to get a swiss bank account number where she has stored the cash she embezzled from the mob. Dan strips her and treats her to some electrical persuasion before inviting "John" (played by Dave Darke) to help extract the information from her.

Best Japanese BDSM

Year: 2011
Genre: BDSM ,Japan Bondage Shibari
Country: Japan

Best Japanese BDSM. Beautiful BDSM videos! Where a young model gets the thrill of communicating with the master of pain. She loves to have an orgasm, it's like a drug.

She Couldn’t Make It Out Of The Building

J wanders around a building with her wrists and elbows tied in a long red coat, 6 inch pumps and a nice sized ballgag. She can’t find a way out. After about 5 minutes or so her captor returns and tethers her feet together and leaves her there.

Leather Lady Gets Tied With Her Own Rope

A Challenge For Amanda

Taylor - Nose Hook

Serene Outdoor Hogtie

Elbow Cuffs And Demobilizing Ropes

Video language: English

Summer struggles in a form fitting dress with a girdle and stockings underneath. She is in tight elbow cuffs, rigid wrist cuffs and short ankle irons. She is also wearing a 2 inch ballgag.

PowerShotz - Four Fertile Females

Release Year: 2013

Can you smell the fertile females from there? Because we got 'em right here. All for you. Watch these young submissives get their heads wrapped in leather and their mouths gagged. You'll see some good bondage with these willing sluts, ready to get a good once over. Two hotties get chained to the spreader bar together. But don't worry, there is plenty of action with a variety of sexy chicks.

Sensual Domination

Skirts In Bondage

Glue For The Toughest Mouths

This One Time In Vegas

Jingle Sluts

Cast: Cadence Cross, Nikki Darling
Genres: BDSM, Bondage, Spanking, Humiliation
Video language: English

There is no beating around the bush with this live feed. The first few questions our members ask are a way to establish exactly what Cadence Cross and Nikki Darling are into. They have a lot in common it turns out.

First Time Breed

Release Year: 2013
Genres: Bdsm
Video language: English

Hot extreme torture beauty woman first time breed. Extreme punishment and humilation action.

Marica's Pole

Release Year: 2013
Cast: Marica Hase
Genres: BDSM, Bondage
Video language: English

Marica Hase is visiting from Japan. To show our hospitality we gave this Japanese cutie a pole. There are none like it and it is all hers. It runs the length of her body, is made of black and pitted iron, and has just enough shackle points on it to make sure her limbs are never free.

Servant Dog - Hazel Hypnotic

Genres: BDSM, Bondage, Rope Bondage, Submission, Domination, Torture, Spanking
Video language: English

Hazel came to PD and said that she wanted order and purpose in life. It is not what she thought it would be. He barks out directions like he is talking to a dog and she knows better than to defy him. There is no need to threaten or coerce her. Hazel asked to be dominated before she even knew what that word could really mean.
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