Sharon – A Classic Bondage Movie

16 Dec

Sharon (Ronni Dixon) and Ken (Joe Morgan) are off to the hotel for a dirty weekend. Unfortunately, Sharon has no idea that Ken wants to whip out his secret bondage techniques and gags too. Will Sharon oblige to her man’s commands or will she rebel?

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Tourist Trap Part 1

21 Nov

Two young women are part of a protest in a South American jungle paradise. When one is captured by a paramilitary group the other tries to break her out. She is unsuccessful though and she too is bound and tortured. Great ties and suspensions for its time! A classic oldie, this will appeal your primal instincts.

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The Heritage Collection – Punished Scene 3

9 Oct

Matthew Cole, bondage master, specializes in unfaithful wives. When his ropes bind a woman, she cannot escape. Nor can she escape the sting of his punishment whip. Watch how our vintage beauties wriggle and squirm for your pleasure!

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House Of Frazier #7: Home Late

24 Dec

As Bob leaves for work, he gives her strict instructions not to leave the house. However, she gets carried away with shopping and arrives home later than she expected. Only to find Bob waiting for her! Bob’s punishment will be very severe this time. Will Feona ever learn?

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House Of Frazier #6

23 Dec

With his wife dressed in schoolgirl’s clothes, he ties her to a school desk, all the while calling her names, tormenting her. Joe shows on mercy to Julie today, as later he ahs her tied up in an “apartment” in flimsy lingerie with panties stuffed in her mouth.

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