Dan Hawke – Marshalling Dillon

13 Mar

Dillon is such a sweet little southern flower that she really doesn’t deserve to fall into Dan’s cruel hands, but that’s just what happens! The contrast of Dillon’s sweet & fragile beauty and the intensely cruel torments that Dan puts her through makes this one of the most intense Dan Hawke titles ever!

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Dan Hawke – 7th Circle Of Hell

2 Jul

Dan Hawke - 7th Circle Of Hell

We open on Seven sitting at her computer, chatting up Dan Hawke online. She thinks she wants to experience real bondage, but is a bit intimidated. Dan tells her it is now or never, so she agrees to meet. When next we see her, she is cuffed and chained in Dan’s basement. He enters and it quickly becomes clear that she is for more than she bargained for.

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Dan Hawke – Snatching Skythe

13 Apr

Dan Hawke - Snatching Skythe

Skythe plays a hooker who wants to get the maximum buck out of her bondage loving client, but gets a bit more than she bargained for from Dan! He cons her into a simple chair tie before “turning into” the Dan Hawke we all know and love. He rips away her clothing and adds a crotch rope and Skythe knows she’s in for big trouble.

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Dan Hawke – Training The Office Tramp

7 Apr

Dan Hawke - Training The Office Tramp

Madison Young strolls into work tarted up in a way sure to drive the “boys” crazy. And she is really pissing off her coworkers- especially Patyon. Dan’s been hired to teach her a lesson. He knocks her out and chains her to a post. Ripping off her top he than uses her own slutty shorts to tease her cunt.

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Nursing A Grudge

21 Mar

Nursing A Grudge

Sexy nurse Aiysis is returning to her hotel room unaware Dan is waiting inside. As she primps before a mirror Dan comes up from behind and chloroforms her. He gags her and hogties her on the bed. Ripping of her nurse outfit he samples her charms before throwing her naked into the shower for some cleaning.

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Dan Hawke – BJs Bondage Jam

29 Oct

Dan Hawke - BJs Bondage Jam

Dan’s victim, BJ, first appears in a cute white dress being dragged into Dan’s dungeon playroom and he quickly hooks her wrists overhead. Dan cranks her higher and then helps himself to some fondling of BJ’s hot, tight body before pulling a huge green ball gag from the shelf.

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Dan Hawke – Beauty Bound

25 Oct

Dan Hawke - Beauty Bound

Aiysis is a tall, striking, blonde beauty that is really made to suffer under Dan’s cruel treatment. Opening with Aiysis’ neck locked in a leather collar, which is attached overhead, Dan tears off her crisp white blouse, black mini-skirt and sexy white bustier.

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Dan Hawke 79 – Bondage Light & Dark

23 Oct

Dan Hawke 79

This feature offers two women who are quite a study in contrasts. First up is Beth (light). Beth is porcelain, blonde who is almost ethereal in her beauty. She is in four scenes starting with a capture scene which features mouse trap pussy lips and crotchrope.

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Dan Hawke – Bound On Blonde

10 Oct

Dan Hawke - Bound On Blonde

This video opens as Beth is led into the playroom. Cuffing her hands behind a pole, Dan cuts off her clothes with scissors. After putting clothespins all over her body. Dan takes two dowel rods held together with rubber bands and traps the sweet lips of her sex between them.

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Dan Hawke – Maximas Carnage

28 Aug

Dan Hawke - Maximas Carnage

Celine Maxima is a raven-haired beauty that is subjected to some stern punishment at Dan’s hands in this new video. This video opens with Celine being pushed into Dan’s dungeon play area, dressed for a night on the town in a black evening dress, heels and opera gloves.

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Dan Hawke – Bound Hottie

22 Aug

Dan Hawke - Bound Hottie

Sexy April is first seen chained to a pole in the dungeon. Dan tears the clothes from her body and then ropes her to the post, spreading her legs and adding a weighted crotch-rope. She struggles pitifully for a bit before Dan returns and suspends her on his horrid wooden horse where she would suffers and strains.

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Dan Hawke – A Bondage Bargain

18 Aug

Dan Hawke - A Bondage Bargain

First up are five exciting scenes with sweet, innocent looking Beth St. John. She is shoved into the dungeon wearing conservative business outfit her wrists bound behind her back. Tied against the pole she is stripped and a rope gag is applied to silence her protests. Dan samples her ripe body before splitting her sex with a rope from which he hangs heavy weights.

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Dan Hawke – Angels Accounting

18 Apr

Dan Hawke - Angels Accounting

Alisha Agel learns that stealing from the mob is never a good idea. We open with Alisha bound and ready for some delirious tease. The objective is to get a swiss bank account number where she has stored the cash she embezzled from the mob. Dan strips her and treats her to some electrical persuasion before inviting “John” (played by Dave Darke) to help extract the information from her.

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Dan Hawke – The Wenona Files

18 Aug

Dan Hawke - The Wenona Files

Who is the real Dan Hawke? A fluffy teddy bear – or a cruel sadist. Take a peak under the hood with Dan as your guide. He tells you where his dark fantasies began and walks you through six exciting scenes with fan favorite Wenona and your narrator is much less and much more than the lovable bondage producer you know.

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Dan Hawke – Tortured & Trained

24 Jul

Dan Hawke – Tortured & Trained

Tyler Scot appears wearing a cute little outfit. He shoves a huge, green ball gag between Tyler’s lips. Wrapping rope around her neck he attaches it overhead. Dan pulls her bright blue panties deeply between the lips of her sex, making sure the silk panties pick up the ‘taste’ of young Tyler.

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Dan Hawke – Molly’s Winter Of Discontent

18 Jul

Dan Hawke - Molly’s Winter Of Discontent

We first see Molly slumped in a chair with a chain around her neck. In the foreground, two men are exchanging cash. It seems as is Molly has been purchased, like any other toy. Cash exchanged, Dan goes over to inspect his prize.

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