Infernal Restraints – Horsing Around

13 Dec

Infernal Restraints - Horsing Around

New sluts are like horses. You need to keep them clean, well worked out, and teach them to obey commands. This little filly is named Sasha and she is a brand new acquisition for PD and Claire Adams. She does not look like much but once she is stripped, scrubbed and put into her barding she will perform nicely.

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Infernal Restraints – Teamwork

15 Sep

The name of the game is Teamwork. They start off chained to each other in such a way that only one of them can make it to their water dish. It is a cruel trick made worse by the fact that the gags in their mouths will keep them from swallowing anyway. It won’t be the only time they have to work together. Cyd Black wants to get his cock sucked and it is going to take both of them to get it right.

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Infernal Restraints – Nightmares At Summercamp

4 Jul

Nightmares At Summercamp

Kristine Anderson is a piss poor student. So bad, in fact, that she had to sign up for a little extra tutoring with Dee. But this study camp is nothing like what she had anticipated and Dee is nothing like the she is used to dealing with. A sharp crack on the knuckles from a ruler would be a welcome punishment in comparison to the things Sd does. Every wrong answer Kristine gives is met with a sharp current directed through her nipples and clit.

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Infernal Restraints – Bound Thing Part 2

26 Jun

Infernal Restraints - Bound Thing Part 2

Most people consider alarm clocks to be a necessary annoyance. Most people are not Claire Adams. For her the morning wake-up call is a painful experience. Electrodes are run to her chest so that PD can make sure she is alert and ready for the day ahead of her. It will not even be the worst part of her morning!

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Infernal Restraints – Bind-Her Clips

29 Feb

Infernal Restraints - Bind-Her Clips

They struggle a bit early on, which is always sexy, but eventually they break, and then they become so obedient. Caning Harley’s feet has tears pouring down her face in a matter of seconds. Using a rubber hose to beat on her chest gives her an excuse to begin sobbing. The whips and chains are staples to making any girl burst into tears.

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Infernal Restraints – Ryled Up

25 Feb

Infernal Restraints - Ryled Up

What’s got Rylie Kay riled up? Mostly the intense tit torture that she is going to have to endure today. She has a nice pair on her: the perfect size to bind, sensitive enough to torment, and so much fun to play with! Really, that could be the description of Rylie herself. The perfect size, easy to fuck with, and oh, so much fun.

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Infernal Restraints – Milf Tears

9 Oct

Infernal Restraints - Milf Tears

Simone Sonay is a busty, fit and toned MILF that loves the dick. Too bad for her today is not about the dick. Today is about putting this cougar through the Infernalrestraints experience. It isn’t going to be easy for her, Simone is going to earn her orgasms the hard way. Just how bad does she want it?

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Catherine De Sade – Posted Part Two

7 Oct

Catherine De Sade - Posted Part Two

A good day for Catherine DeSade is any day she can find a man who wants to use her up. Today is a good day. Damon Pierce wants to wear her out. She is tough but he is relentless. Her pussy has been neglected until now, but he is going to make sure that it gets a workout today.

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Catherine Se Sade – Posted Part One

6 Oct

Catherine Se Sade -  Posted Part One

Catherine DeSade is terrified of the look of things. It is a dark room with no windows and the man she sees before her is wearing a wicked grin. She wants today to be over. The torments are not just painful, they make her feel cheap and used. His hands on her make her feel dirty and whenever he hurts her she wants to scream.

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Monstrous Pain In The Nipples

26 Sep

Monstrous Pain In The Nipples

Monstrous pain in the nipples. Alexxa knows that she has two choices. She can either lie back and go with whatever plans PD schemes up, or she can try to resist and make it even worse for herself in the long run. It is not hard for her to decide which one she would prefer.

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Chambermaid To BDSM Master

17 Sep

Chambermaid To BDSM Master

Iona Grace is an unrepentant slut. It is just who she is. There is no cure for wanting her holes filled 24/7 except to have that wish fulfill. As soon as she is empty, though, she is like an addict looking for her next fix. She will do anything if it means getting another cock in her.

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Fixated Part One – Sister Dee

22 Aug

Fixated Part One - Sister Dee

Sister Dee has missed us so much. The feeling of cold iron on her body, the shock of Fifty-thousand volts of electricity running through her. It is how PD shows her how much he cares. Every time she screams it is a sign of her appreciation for his affection. Every time he hurts her it is to reinforce that message.

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Infernal Restraints – Pay The Price (Olivia Fawn)

21 Aug

Infernal Restraints - Pay The Price

Olivia Fawn is about to learn that there is a cost for rampant flirtation. Payment will come in the form of pain, suffering, bondage and humiliation. Shackled to a wooden frame, Olivia is exposed and helpless. She can’t cover herself against his blows or close her legs to his probing hands.

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Infernal Restraints – All Stretched Out

31 May

Infernal Restraints - All Stretched Out
Release Year: 2012

Being suspended in a cage about 6 feet above the ground has Sasha wondering what is coming next. From underneath her PD has great access to her ass and pussy. And the system of pullies is designed so that when he wants to PD can lower Sasha down to the ground and fuck her face mercilessly.

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Infernal Restraints – Lythe

30 Dec

Infernal Restraints - Lythe

She’s flexible, both of body and mind. She instantly falls into subspace and don’t put up any real resistance when the hurting starts. We’re able to bend her over backward, spread her legs wide, and push her body to the limits with rough bondage, tough positions, and harsh corporal punishment.

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Infernal Restraints – Love Drug

17 Dec

Infernal Restraints - Love Drug
Release Year: 2011

When you lock a pair of sluts like Dixon Mason and Sasha in a cage together you have to expect that they will do what comes naturally eventually. If PD has given them a little bit of chemical enhancement to spur them on, it is just a coincidence. He is going to make them do some work on the farm before he lets them finish enjoying each other. If they want any of the privileges he has to offer they are going to have to earn them.

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IR – Jul 25, 2014 – Ashley Lane (Screamer)

23 Oct

Ashley Lane
Release Year: 2014

It’s all about Ashley Lane’s amazing body today. This babe has a lot of assets we plan on taking advantage of. Girls get their nipples and clits pierced to increase their sensitivity. That’s a good idea when they’re at home with someone who is willing to be gentle but for us that just makes them even bigger targets. We’ll use them to make her cum, sure, but first we’re going to make her scream.

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Infernal Restraints – Bad Bunny

26 Sep

Infernal Restraints - Bad Bunny
Release Year: 2013

Bad Bunny Doll has been languishing in the dungeon for a while now. She told us she was a pain slut so we decided to make every bit of her experience here a test of that. Every toy, tool and position will be used to make her scream, and then we’ll check to see how wet she gets.

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Willow Hayes – Put A Lid On It

7 Aug

Willow Hayes - Put A Lid On It
Release Year: 2014

We asked Willow Hayes: “Are you ready for some Infernal Restraints?”. She didn’t hesitate a second before responding with an enthusiastic, “Yes, please.” So it is going to be one of those days, where the sweet young girl shows up on our doorstep, asking for an intense BDSM experience and we deliver all that she can handle. OT is up to bat with this one. She’s spent some time languishing on the floor in our Bolero Leather Straight Jacket from The Strockroom, but we don’t want her to get too comfortable.

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Tracey Sweet – Sweet Surrender

18 Jun

Tracey Sweet - Sweet Surrender
Release Year: 2013

Tracy Sweet has never been to the farm before. She got the grand tour earlier, but now I’m going to show her the best part: the barn. That is where the action happens. Tracy likes tight straps holding her limbs in place. She likes leather arm binders and the sting of a whip across her ass. And although she may not enjoy sitting with a wooden horse wedging its way into her pussy she definitely LOVES orgasms on top of it.

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Infernal Restraints – A Complete Shock

3 May

Infernal Restraints - A Complete Shock
Release Year: 2013

Eye torture – a complete shock. Sucking cock upside down has her complaining. If Elise thinks that was bad, she will never make it through everything else PD has planned. He is going to have a lot of fun with this one while he teaches her the rules.

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Infernal Restraints – Marica’s Pole

2 Apr

Infernal Restraints - Marica's Pole
Release Year: 2013

Marica Hase is visiting from Japan. To show our hospitality we gave this Japanese cutie a pole. There are none like it and it is all hers. It runs the length of her body, is made of black and pitted iron, and has just enough shackle points on it to make sure her limbs are never free again.

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