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Dec 12

Interrogatio Rebecca

Interrogatio Rebecca

Rebecca, the beautiful miller’s was already before the High Court of erotic  Inquisition and was released on probation. However, in a warm summer night they are again there. She gradually takes an unfortunate Witch ritual to summon her true lover. It’s not a dream, as the Incubus appears and the witch makes subject. Rebecca felt remorse and again raises the court of the witch hunters. Yet her body seems possessed by a demon of lust. Even before the court they repeated their sinful doing! The bull whip and the Spanish Riders shall cast out the devil of evil! (more…)

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Jul 19

Mittelalterliche Hexentour

Studio: Interrogatio

Young maid accused Elvira stables that seduced old peasant cowshed. Report due to his woman Elvira now faced by the Inquisition. In strict poll maid tries charm the judges with her flawless body. Yet, it only confirms the suspicion that Elvira wakes just kind of innocence. In fact, she – a seductive witch who leads the men around the mind with magic and charm! Witch exposed basement torture all possible samples. She is pulled, stretched, experiencing the screws on her breasts, and lashes sting trident – until it does not move bundle Circe deep into the body. (more…)

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