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May 23

Jewell Marceau – Suspended Desires

Release Year: 2013

Jewell Marceau is back to tempt your desires! So hang around for a bit and you might find something you’ll like! Jewell Marceau and Darling are back as some of your favorite fetish models! The extraordinary bondage models showing off their incredible strength and stamina for intricate rope bondage positions as well as their gorgeous bodies. Come and witness on screen tying by the talented Blaze as he rigs these delicious dangling girls who will tempt all your bondage desires. (more…)

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Apr 26

Polished Hogtied Ballgagged

Studio: Jewell Marceau

Cute busty sexy girl Jewell Marceau represents her movies, filled with Bdsm torture, spanking, whipping, bondage, tits squeezing and other Bdsm stuff. She can act as a slave girl and, also, as a cruel mistress, so you can delight with variety of her Bdsm skills. Who knew of the obsession for hogties and bare-feet, and jaw-stretching ball-gags? Well okay, us, thats who. (more…)

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Mar 16

Jewells Treatments

Studio: Jewell Marceau Productions

Nurse Jewell Marceau decides to promote herself to the official position as the “head doctor” in her more than private medical office. This is where she practices and administers her own personal version of many sadistic theraputic treatments to her sexually addicted patients. Her patients cant seem to stop having orgasms no matter where they may be at any moment. Ashley Renee and Charlotte are committed to Dr. Jewells “specialized” methods of treatments! (more…)

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Aug 21

Jewell Marceau – Nylon Secretary Lovers

Release Year: 2014

Christina Carter is very turned on by the new girl in the office Anastasia Pierce and cannot resist desires to fool around with her in the office. Their unsuspecting boss, Jewell Marceau, catches them in the act of playing sexy bondage games instead of doing their work. Jewell decides to make them both pay for their insubordinate behavior by hogtying and duct taping their mouths and putting them together while they show off their very sexy pantyhose! (more…)

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Aug 16

Jewell Marceau – Ransomed

Release Year: 2014

Jewell Marceau has found sweet, young and pure, blossom Proxy Paige and now has her bound inescapably and she’s singing the familiar tune of ransom wanted! Proxy begs and pleads with Jewell to release her, but Jewell knows better than to take a chance of anyone finding out about her torrid plans to administer long, painful enemas while prepping her captive to be bought and sold! Watch Proxy endure gags, hoods, ultra tight bondage, degradation, and a variety of evil enema play! (more…)

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