Powershotz – Two Teen Tarts Topped

Some guys like to control their women. But some guys want more than that; some guys want to dominate their women and bind them. The Master in this film does just that with several hot young girls – they’re taken, stripped, and dominated into bondage slavery. They are compelled to endure ball gags, the whipping post, suspension bondage, and being hog tied.

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Pretty Little Profit

When sex pervert sees pretty little Bobbi strutting her stuff in that red cheerleader uniform he hears the register ringing. Cheerleaders are in high demand these days! He takes her home the hard way, with leg kicking rag over mouth seduction. Hog ties her in the van and carries her in so he can prep her for delivery.

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Power Shotz – Two Teen Bondagettes

Power Shotz - Two Teen Bondagettes

Two Teen Bondagettes shows strict bondage and hard domination of two virginal teens from one of the world’s best bondage houses. Imagine, fulfilling your inner-most fantasies with two wild and willing submissive teens.

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Powershotz – Butt Plugged And Belted

The hottie runaway is butt plugged and bent over the stool to face her whipping. She is mouth stuffed and cleave gagged tightly to stifle her cries. Her ankles are taped tightly. Then the bare hand and the leather belt are brought to bear on her sensitive bare ass as she squeals and flexes those hot calves and thighs.

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Power Shotz – Sub Prime

Stacie is bitch stripped and butt slapped, dominated, spanked, collared and leashed. Led like a doggie on a leash and put in the doggie cage. She is let out of the cage and taken to a room where she is cuffed wrist to ankle and pump gagged. Then cuffed to the bench for a vaginal and anal oiling then vibrated to orgasm. She is made to bark like a doggie, and finally lubricated and ass opened with digital and vibratory dilation.

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Powershotz – Jade Analyzed

The room echoed everytime the cat-o-nine-tails is swung to her ass, which is music to my ear. Fingers roamed her sensitive areas, just to tease her even more. The glass dildo is introduced, and her holes are soon entered, with or without her permission.

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Hard On Girls

It begins with Alex, coming from a club in a hot mini. She is grabbed, stripped, dominated into submission, cuffed to a bench, made to suck, then doggie style fucked hard. In scene 2, Jessy is run down in the woods, she is captured, roped up tight, thrown over the shoulder and left in a hole.

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Powershotz – Jenna And Candy

Powershotz - Jenna And Candy

Jenna gets a good stripping and hog roping. Followed by board certification in ring gag submission. Candy goes below her station to take a modeling gig and bitches about her discomfort until a gag shuts that cock sucking mouth up.

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Powershotz – Bitch Strip Boogie

Powershotz - Bitch Strip Boogie

Stars hot first time bondage model Cammi! Her gymnast body fondled and bitch stripped, spanked, pump gagged, hog harnessed and dominated hard. Her heavy breathing reveals her heavy wanting. Then Page… Another under twenty something hottie zip tied and chained to the wall. She is stripped, spanked and ravaged wearing duct tape gag.

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Powershotz – Private Security

Powershotz - Private Security

Andi and Shelby are caught shop lifting by mall security. But the cops are never called. The security guards find the two young thieves to be in immediate need of correction. They are cuffed to the floor board and driven into the country for a quick and effective punishment regimen that will insure that they’ll never again stray from the straight and narrow.

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Powershotz – Teacher Taught

Powershotz - Teacher Taught

Teacher Tiki comes to the home of one of her students to admonish the parent for the poor performance of the student in class… and gets a lesson in discipline of her own. Snatching, struggle stripping, strapping, slapping, caning, bit gagging, deep throating, anal rodding, butt plugging, crotch roping discipline action!

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Powershotz – Pretty Little Profit

Powershotz - Pretty Little Profit

Cheerleader Bobbi is roped up pretty tight when she is awakened by a rough hand sliding up between her thighs. Her cries for help are met with a gag and she is unable to get loose no matter how hard she struggles on the van floor. When he gets her home she is chained to a bench where she is inspected for defects and her gag reflex is tested while she is bound in rope.

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Powershotz – Sub Prime

Powershotz - Sub Prime

Stacie is bitch stripped and butt slapped, dominated, spanked, collared and leashed. Led like a doggie on a leash and put in the doggie cage. She is let out of the cage and taken to a room where she is cuffed wrist to ankle and pump gagged. Then cuffed to the bench for a vaginal and anal oiling then vibrated to orgasm.

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Powershotz – Miranda / Kristalee / Trixie

Powershotz - Miranda / Kristalee / Trixie

Three hot babes are forcibly taken, put into bondage and slave trained. Miranda postal worker disruptus. Kristalee glamour shoot gone wrong. Trixie **** titty topping. It’s all about the body… and the ball… and the big eyed bitchling.

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Powershotz – Triple Threat Treat

Powershotz - Triple Threat Treat

Bondage virgin Lexi undergoes strict rope bondage, ball gag and hog tie, then is ass upped and put in her place. Victoria, one hot 18 year old bikini model with smooth and muscular legs. Fully nude, ball gag harnessed, cropped, spanked, and dominated hard at the whipping post.

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Powershotz – Bootie Call

Powershotz - Bootie Call

The fabulous Alex Del Monaco is captured, stripped, whipped, bound, gagged and disciplined in various stages of undress. You want to see her bent over a stool, whipped and spanked hard? How about clothes pins on the nipples, mouth stuffing, hog roped or handcuffed?

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Powershotz – Pretty Little Prisoners

Powershotz - Pretty Little Prisoners

Skinny little Page takes a good hard ass whipping when she emerges from the bathroom flaunting her hot little ass. She admits she is a virgin when she is bound on hands and knees in complete nudity. When she is head harnessed and ball gagged she squeals for someone to come rescue her.

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Powershotz – Hard Lessons

Powershotz - Hard Lessons

Candy… lovely kitchenette… with that water running and the door unlocked she is setting herself up for a good stripping followed by a trip upstairs. Nice kick ass little struggler. Hopefully they’ll learn their lessons from this experience.

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Power Shotz – Bitch Strip Boogie

Power Shotz - Bitch Strip Boogie

You want humiliation, then don’t miss out on the pretty Cameron bark like a dog! She even cries like a baby with a crotch rope strangling her pussy! All lovely young bitches, stripped, whipped, gagged and bound that are waiting in bondage just for you! These sexy asses and juicy tits are irresistible, cum find out for yourself.

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