Mahina Zaltana Turned Into A Fire hydrant

13 Jul

Blindfolded, gagged and bound in a kneeling position with her arms strictly stretched over her head, Mahina awaits her fate. The blindfold prevents her from anticipating the action, all she can do is guess and endure. Some heavy nipple weights clamped on over her bright red dress reinforce that her breasts are nothing but a toy for our use.

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Sexually Broken – Sergeant Miles

13 Aug

Dee Williams has some amazing deep throat skills. So we obviously we want to test them out. Seated on the floor, her arms are pulled back behind her in a position that would tear at anyone else’s shoulders, but not Dee. She is tough and too distracted by the cock coming her way to care.

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Barn Sluts Restrained In Strict Bondage

1 Jun

Barn Sluts Restrained In Strict Bondage

In one corner of a dirty old a blonde busty fuckpuppet restrained onto a fucking machine and hidden under a gas mask languishes. On the other end of the barn is a second brunette fuckpuppet, bound and built into a wooden wall like a flesh sculpture. On one side of the wall her shiny sweat covered face is exposed, on the other her thin tan thighs and shaved smooth snatch jut out. This barn is just full of surprises…

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Ariel X – Hogtie From Hell

10 Nov

Ariel X - Hogtie From Hell

Ariel X over the years has transformed herself into the premiere fitness bondage model of our generation. Flexible, muscular and so sexy. This is just a good, old fashion, brutal hogtie, with back to basics; caning and cumming. With her wrists bound to her waist, palms up, and her elbows bound with a wooden rod.

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Sexually Broken – Total Dick Down

9 Oct

Sexually Broken - Total Dick Down

Remy is a little bit of a Princess and it’s fun to totally wreck girls like that with cock. Pushing her sexually, while she is completely bound and helpless turns it from mere fun into a priceless experience. With her elbows bound behind and her hands tied in front, Remy is stripped and exposed.

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Sexually Broken – Claire Robbins

13 Aug

Sexually Broken - Claire Robbins

Claire Robbins is the kind of girl that you WISHED lived next door. She does not have the typical blonde plastic pornstar look, but she can perform circles around of the girls in the industry today. She throws herself into everything she does with unfettered abandon in her search for sexual subspace.

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Sexually Broken – Deepthroat Specialist

7 Jun

Sexually Broken - Deepthroat Specialist

Gaia really loves the deep throat. This compact little Asian simply cant get enough of the dick and here at Sexuallybroken we truly appreciate that level of dedication. And we reward that kind of dedication by stuffing their faceholes full of cock until their eyes glaze over and they start gasping!

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Sexually Broken – Apartment 345 – Penny Pax

19 Apr

Sexually Broken - Apartment 345

This months installment is “Apartment 345” starring Penny Pax. Penny is returning home form a nice lunch with her friends. Like most pretty girls in the SF Bay Area, Penny is single and truth to tell, a bit lonely. It seems like all the attractive hot guys have different interests.

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Sexually Broken – Huge Beasted Rain DeGrey

20 Sep

Huge Beasted Rain DeGrey

Rain Rain Rain… you huge titted insatiable slut. This tattooed whore is the type that can take a licking and keep on ticking. The rougher and meaner you are to her, the more she likes it. Rain doesn’t want it soft and gentle, she craves being fucked until her teeth are rattling in her skull.

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Amazing Rope

30 Jun

Amazing Rope

Super hot Beretta James is back on the pages of the fastest growing Bondage and rough sex site in the world, Sexually Broken. Beretta at age 35 is incredibly hot and has a body to die for. Beretta finds herself tightly bound in a Japanese Box tie, on her back with a hard cock fucking the back of her throat.

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Sexually Broken – The Unit: The Conclusion

17 Mar

Sexually Broken - The Unit: The Conclusion

It features, rough anal sex, brutal deep throating, squirting, and an uncut extended quicksand scene, Plus extra deleted scenes and hi-res photos. Special custom bondage devices and amazing rope work. No other BaRS site in the world brings you such high quality outdoor bondage feature movies.

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Sexually Broken – Big Breasted Rain DeGrey

23 Feb

Sexually Broken - Big Breasted Rain DeGrey

Rain DeGrey likes it as rough and hard as she can get it. She CRAVES it. Here at Sexuallybroken, we aim to oblige. Even a slut as hardcore as Rain will not be forgetting today anytime soon. We are bringing the big guns out to work this big breasted whore over exactly how she deserves.

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Sexually Broken – Elise Graves Ragdoll Fucked

14 Feb

Sexually Broken - Elise Graves Ragdoll Fucked

Elise Graves is a authentic pervert. She is one of those people that got into porn to satisfy her perverse and kinky needs, she isn’t here for the paycheck or fame. She loves this stuff, she needs it, she CRAVES it. Satisfying her cravings has led her into taking dick on camera for the whole world to see.

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Sexually Broken – Sofia Delgado

17 Oct

Sexually Broken - Sofia Delgado

20 yr old Sofia Delgado is new to the industry and brand new to bondage. What she brings to the table is a dance background. Sending your daughter to school for dance basically ensures she will end up in porn, contorted like a pretzel while being stuffed full of cock in every hole. Let’s take all those years she spent shaping her flexibility and reward her with a massive overload of dick.

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