Bad Girls In Bondage

9 Oct

Some of the hottest 2-girl footage ever created at SPI as breathes life back into the classic works of John Willie and Irving Klaw! Tobi and Rhiannon turn up the heat as they take turns being “bad” – binding and gagging each other – and themselves – in this tribute to the masters of bondage “days gone by”! Vintage clothing, back-seam stockings, nurse uniforms, high-heels, and classic business attire give this flick a nostalgic feel.

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Curious Cyber-Slave

18 Jul

Tobi jumps at the chance to get her paws on a young cutie like Justine, and soon is chatting on-line with Justine – guiding her through a self-bondage sequence in preparation for her arrival. The clock ticks as Justine struggles – impatiently awaiting the intensity of her new experience.

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A Day At The Office

11 Jul

Self-bondage is the only way Justine finds satisfaction – muzzle-gagged and hogtied with her nipples clamped, bound in leather straps; Panty-gagged and cuffed in a kneeling strappado with clothespins on her nipples and bound to a chair wearing nothing but bird clamps, gag and her pantyhose!

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Shadowplay Imaging – Madison Daydreamer

6 Apr

Madison is bored at work, and has no one to play with at home. Her fantasies range from armbinders & thigh boots to nylon encasements & hogties. Her mouth securely stuffed and strapped full with BIG gags, she is helpless to do more than slip into bound bliss!

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Shadowplay Imaging – Learning The Ropes

17 Jul

Shadowplay Imaging - Learning The Ropes

Ashley gets her “first taste” of Big rubber balls, ring-gags, and tight ace bandage gags in this hour-long Spi-Cam video. Ahsley is no longer a rookie, so seetyer removes the training wheels and puts Spi’s newest find through her paces. Ashley starts the day with hands cuffed over her head on a pole and bit-gagged, then she is bound in rope on the poke in her first topless scene.

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Better Than Chocolate Part 2

13 Mar

Join Spi for a two hour journey to the brink of submission – self-bondage – as we proudly present the very best of self-bondage! Beautiful girls gag and restrain themselves for your pleasure and their own – cooing, gurgling, and drooling from behind gags, bound in chain, rope, cuffs, & leather in various self-bondage scenarios!

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