Shiny Bound – Simone Tied Tight In Black

26 Aug

Simone all in silky black.. Shiny spandex catsuit only obstructed by an equally shiny black satin corset. Then I wrap ropes all over and around it until shes tied so tight she can barely move a muscle. Then I take that pretty package, gag it, and hang it from the ceiling in a very dazzling display.

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Trip Six Hogtied In A Black Nightie

21 Aug

This is the second chapter of Trip Six in her black nightie.. Here she is tied very tightly in a standing boxtie with silver 550 cord over her silky nightie and panties. I silence her securely with a leather panel ballgag and then lie her down for a very strictly arched hogtie.

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Samantha And Madison – Tied Together

20 Aug

Shiny Bound – Samantha and Madison, both dressed in hooded zentai, corseted, collared, ankles and wrists cuffed and padlocked.. And as an added bonus, I tie their crotchropes together, strap their ankles together, and then chain their collars together face to face..

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Shiny Bound – Sunshine Tampa – Hitchhiker Horror

18 Aug

Sunshine Tampa is tied up tight. Elbows behind, wrists in front, and some sort of hobble tie on her ankles. She goes to scream. Its muffled. Layers of tape wrap around her head holding something into her mouth that she cant spit out… She thrashes and cries out, only to have the driver tell her to shut up and be still…

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