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Nov 15

Darling – Tight, Tighter… Tightest

Cast: Darling
Genres: Bondage, Fetish, Pantyhose

When Darling comes in to get tied up, she wants to get tied up. It is always a pleasure to work with her. She just lives for this stuff. The crazier the tie, the happier she seems to be. I decided that I wanted to do an “arms up” sort of tie. Basically because I know she could deal with the strain of it. I was right. From this point, it just got harder until she found herself bent back and hogtied, with her crotchrope, which was already tied to her hands tightly, pulled even futher into her pussy. Super sexy stuff.. (more…)

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Nov 02

Asian Extreme – Leather Restraint Of Showa

Release Year: 2014

Japanese sado mazo “games” with the binding.Do not miss this beautifull video.Beautifull and small japanese girls roped and tortured hard.Do not miss this nice video.Asian torturing a young girl and her large syringe pumps a lot of water into the anus. The girl screams in pain in the rectum … (more…)

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Oct 26

ShadowPlayers – Two Girls Tormented Together

Release Year: 2014

Sybil Hawthorne and Livvy Rose share a bed in sexy retro lingerie. After undressing and a little making out, Livvy surprises Sybil with handcuffs, legcuffs, and toe and thumb cuffs. After an extended foot tickling, spanking, and paddling, Sybil is both laughing hysterically and shedding tears. Next, Livvy dons a strap-on and brings Sybil to a happy conclusion. (more…)

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Oct 25

Pretty Pinata Calico

Studio: Top Grl

Calico loves having all kinds of shit shoved up her pussy. Cocks are nice, but sometimes it takes something with a little bit more girth to it. Sister Dee has just the right thing for filling that void. She jams her foot inside of the little slut and starts to wiggle her toes, and Calico cannot decide if she wants to scream for mercy or moan for more. When SD finally lets her cum she squirts out so much juice that for a second it looks like she may drown in it. And all of this is before Sister Dee decides to hang her from the rafters and treat her like a slutty piñata. Calico is going to be left, hung up like a piece of meat on a hook. (more…)

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Oct 23

IR – Jul 25, 2014 – Ashley Lane (Screamer)

Release Year: 2014

It’s all about Ashley Lane’s amazing body today. This babe has a lot of assets we plan on taking advantage of. Girls get their nipples and clits pierced to increase their sensitivity. That’s a good idea when they’re at home with someone who is willing to be gentle but for us that just makes them even bigger targets. We’ll use them to make her cum, sure, but first we’re going to make her scream. (more…)

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