HOM – Greta’s Confessions

23 Feb

HOM - Greta's Confessions

A blonde sexpot, stuffed into a skintight dress, makes her way into a confession booth where she proceeds to admit to her sins. And what confessions! In a series of flashbacks we catch the bitch teasing the hell out of a stranded fresh girl, a cheating wife and a sexually aggressive dyke, whose tits and pussy she avariciously licks and sucks!

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French BDSM – Demolition Girl

19 Feb

French BDSM - Demolition Girl

Demolition girl gets wrecked. She gets fucked, smacked, whipped, burned with hot wax, and exposed to the capricious wills of her two masters. This is filthy fetish at its fucking best. The action is intense, the abuse is fierce, and her thresholds for pain are high. Enjoy the show!

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Devonshire Production – DP-57

10 Feb

Devonshire Production – DP-57

The long awaited continuation, some of the most unique and extreme bondage ever seen on video. A lot of wrapping and layering is done on screen. Includes sensory deprivation, rope webbing, plastic wrap mummification, latex and bandage enclosures, spandex enclosure and upside down suspension!

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Chimera – On The Crotch Rope

28 Jan

Chimera - On The Crotch Rope

Tracey fills a metal bucket with lots of metal and concrete weights then switches on the electromagnet and attaches the bucket to the magnet. She then ties a spreader bar between her ankles and a crotch rope around herself and its end up and over a hook and fastens it to the bucket.

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Harmony Concepts – Cheating Wife

27 Jan

Harmony Concepts - Cheating Wife

The first of Victor Ballen’s videos offers psychological as well as phsical restraints. It is destined to be a collector’s item, a video you will watch over and over again. Tory is planning an affair, but her perceptive husband detains her through a series of tight and gratifying ties.

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Harmony Concepts – Tight Club

24 Jan

Harmony Concepts - Tight Club

This outstanding offering from tight bondager Jack Banner may just blow your socks off! There are 26 different scenes, with 8 different bondagettes in a 2 hour program. Even though he features professional models, this video looks like Jack is doing it for the fun of it, which makes it all the better.

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