Infernal Restraints – Baby’s Box

7 Mar

Infernal Restraints - Baby's Box

Felony is unfamiliar with the finer points of device bondage. She has played with rope and metal before, but never with someone so intense as Cyd Black. You see, tight rope and some canings she can take, but stick her in a box, head first, and she starts sniveling right away.

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Infernal Restraints – Two Days Of Torment

6 Mar

Infernal Restraints - Two Days Of Torment

It’s two days of torment for Sarah Jane Ceylon. Her skin is pale enough that the marks from my whip show within seconds, but they will last a hell of a lot longer than that. Most girls scream for mercy, but the moans coming out of Sarah Jane tell me she’s begging for more.

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Infernal Restraints – Sweet Surrender

3 Mar

Infernal Restraints - Sweet Surrender

Tracy Sweet has never been to the farm before. She got the grand tour earlier, but now I’m going to show her the best part: the barn. That is where the action happens. Tracy likes tight straps holding her limbs in place. She likes leather arm binders and the sting of a whip across her ass. And although she may not enjoy sitting with a wooden horse wedging its way into her pussy she definitely orgasms on top of it.

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Hard Tied – Out Cry

2 Mar

Hard Tied - Out Cry

If Hailey had just been content to sit alone in the dark she could have saved herself a lot of pain. All she had to do was stay silent and PD would have attended to her in his own time. But she could not help herself. She called out and complained, and now she needs to be taught a lesson. One with clamps and canes and lots of pain!

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Infernal Restraints – Iron Bound

1 Mar

Infernal Restraints - Iron Bound

Courtney Taylor has no idea what iron bondage is about. She can’t even recognize what most of these metal contraptions are for. And then she says the fateful words. “Ok, well… I trust you.” Trust is such a funny thing. She must think she is too hot to hurt.

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Insex – Cell Feeds (912, 120, 33)

24 Feb

Insex - Cell Feeds (912, 120, 33)

Cell Feeds is 912’s most extraordinary and instructive stress-test to date. It is a compilation of footage from informal live feeds on March 18th, 24th, and 31st. The focus of which is, of course, her incredible breasts. They’re flogged, caned, clamped, milked, shocked (to the rapid pulse of the Insex chat), and sucked, sucked, sucked.

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Sexually Broken – Big Breasted Rain DeGrey

23 Feb

Sexually Broken - Big Breasted Rain DeGrey
Release Year: 2014

Rain DeGrey likes it as rough and hard as she can get it. She CRAVES it. Here at Sexuallybroken, we aim to oblige. Even a slut as hardcore as Rain will not be forgetting today anytime soon. We are bringing the big guns out to work this big breasted whore over exactly how she deserves.

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Infernal Restraints – Escape Attempts

20 Feb

Infernal Restraints - Escape Attempts

There are some days in the life of a slave that are simple. They are the days when PD just wants a set of holes. All Hailey Young has to do to avoid punishment is follow instructions and fuck for her life. Of course she is not even competent enough to manage that.

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Sexually Broken – Roxy Rox Bound In A Piledriver

20 Feb

Sexually Broken - Roxy Rox Bound In A Piledriver
Release Year: 2014

Roxy Rox is a natural born nymphomaniac. She just cannot help it, she is at the mercy of her out of control sexual urges. She got into porn not for the money or notoriety, but so she could have as much top shelf dick as possible. She is such a slut that if she was not doing porn she would be banging random guys next to the dumpsters behind her local supermarket.

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Sexually Broken – Elise Graves Ragdoll Fucked

14 Feb

Sexually Broken - Elise Graves Ragdoll Fucked
Release Year: 2014

Elise Graves is a authentic pervert. She is one of those people that got into porn to satisfy her perverse and kinky needs, she isn’t here for the paycheck or fame. She loves this stuff, she needs it, she CRAVES it. Satisfying her cravings has led her into taking dick on camera for the whole world to see.

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Michael Kahn – The Submission Of Aza

6 Feb

Michael Kahn - The Submission Of Aza

This lucky young lady gets to experience first hand what it means to submit to a real master. While tied up first she is made to withstand his powerful vibrator and is not allowed to orgasm. Then is given the privilege of sucking her masters cock. Bound in a straight jacket, out lovely slave is again subjected to vibrator play, then sucks her masters cock to completion!

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My Husband’s Loving Hand

5 Feb

My Husband's Loving Hand
Studio: Bizarre Video

Her bathing interrupted command “stand up” as he enters the room. He begins with a slow hand spanking, she obediently bent in the bath. Then we hear her screams and cries when his hand is replaced carpet beater. He is excited by the warm buttocks wife and uses her mouth, plunging his cock into it. After that, he enjoys her pain further.

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Hardtied – Fun With Rope

3 Feb

Hardtied - Fun With Rope

Coral Aorta is about to go into pain slut overload. She used to think she wasn’t tough enough to handle anything that came her way. Now she revels in every ounce of her masochism. I chose the roughest ropes and tightest ties to put her in her place fast. Even just languishing on the ground has her in subspace. When the floggers come out and start to dance across her ass that breathless, submissive grin appears immediately.

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Real Time Bondage – Udderly Screwed

2 Feb

Real Time Bondage - Udderly Screwed
Release Year: 2012

The first thing we notice about Holly Wildes? Her stunning chest. Our members are just as interested as we are. Her whole body is hot, but those magnificent tits really stand out. When we interview our girls before the fun begins it tells us so much about them. Holly loves electricity, enjoys being terrified and is sexually aroused by the painful play we bring. Bondage, humiliation and discipline all excite her.

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Real Time Bondage – Maggie Meat

29 Jan

Real Time Bondage - Maggie Meat
Release Year: 2012

There is nothing sexier than a couple of beautiful damsels in distress. Maggie feels the same was as we do. You can tell because her heavily pierced cunt is dripping wet with anticipation. Mr. Pogo slides right in without any real resistance. The vibrator he comes with is too intense for her sensitive little clit and she is shrieking for it to stop in seconds.

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Sexually Broken – Good Cop Bad Cop

29 Jan

Sexually Broken - Good Cop Bad Cop
Release Year: 2013

Today we have Natassia Dreams paired up with our own sexy Rain DeGrey. Natassia is all woman with a big hard cock, Rain is tall, leggy and likes her throat fucked. Rain is also a little pain slut so today’s article is a bit different then our normal fare. In the end Rain is deep in subspace, drooling and staring off into nothingness. She has been completely Sexually Broken…

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Captured Cop Trilogy – Explosion

23 Jan

Captured Cop Trilogy - Explosion

Three classic videos now available on the web completely uncut and digitally re-mastered! That’s right, you have within your view the entire Captured Cop Trilogy, the twisted tail of two crooks named Boris and Natasha who will stop at nothing to get their hands on a large sum of cash. It’s chase them down and tie them up action like you have never seen before!

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Jewell Marceau – Tales From The Manor

20 Jan

Jewell Marceau - Tales From The Manor

Mistress Isabella Sinclaire returns home after a long trip with her beautiful slaves Sarah and Jennifer, but there’s no rest for the weary when Sarah breaks a cardinal rule and Mistress Sinclaire must leave again to train Sarah as a ponygirl.

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Infernal Restraints – Full BDSM Service

17 Jan

Infernal Restraints - Full BDSM Service

The johns on the street have nothing on Dee. The degradation Calico experiences on a daily basis will not even compare to what she is going to get now. They have never fucked her pussy with an electrified probe. And they never make her cum until she cries.

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Infernal Restraints – The Puppet

13 Jan

Infernal Restraints - The Puppet

To be a SS is to give up more than your rights and you freedom. Long serving slave Nimue is taken to a remote place, where the last of her self determination is torn from her. She is hung from a bar and cruelly beaten with whips and a leather strap, but that is merely a reminder of her position.

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Chimera Bondage – Old Farm House

9 Jan

Chimera Bondage - Old Farm House

Anita empties the contents of a bag onto the sheet then proceeds to tie her ankles and knees then ties a rope between her ankle rope and a set of handcuffs and looks around again before fastening a ball gag into her mouth and places a ties a blindfold in place so she can not see, finally securing her wrists into the cuffs behind her back so she is hogtied.

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Infernal Restraints – For Bondage’s Sake

8 Jan

Infernal Restraints - For Bondage's Sake

Calico Lane believes in art for the sake of art and bondage for the sake of bondage. It is a pure expression of her sexuality; her desire to serve and to be used. Nipple clamps and whips may bring her to tears, but they also will push her closer to orgasm. Being told to kneel or present herself for punishment will make her wet.

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Infernal Restraints – Prisoner Transport 2

3 Jan

Infernal Restraints - Prisoner Transport 2

Everyone loves to fuck with Calico so much that Sister Dee and PD decide to team up and double team her. They can make her suck, fuck and fetch, which is probably the best part. Every slut has holes, but very few are willing to crawl around on their hands and knees, exposed to the world and fetch a ball around the yard.

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