Japanese Torture #3 – Bondage Toy

18 Oct

Bondage Toy

We’ve dug into our dungeon to bring these magnificent Japanese bondage tapes to you. We have placed this wonderful classic movie in its original format and in the Japanese language with no subtitles on this DVD. Master and submissive relationship in this movies is undeniable the best I’ve ever seen!

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Taboo Teens In Jail

18 Oct

Taboo Teens In Jail

Caught and subjected to the discipline they so eagerly crave, these nubile young women find out what it means to be kept a woman and to serve in anticipation of punishment. These girls may think they have lives outside of their submissive roles here in this Master/Dom world, but they have another thing comming.

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B&D Pleasures – BondageOrg Vol.1

17 Oct

BondageOrg Vol.1

Can one website provide you with all the photos and videos of bondage and discipline that you desire? Could a single webpage introduce you to new people and expose you to so much variety that no matter what you were in the mood for you would find it?

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Dan Hawke – Bound On Blonde

10 Oct

Dan Hawke - Bound On Blonde

This video opens as Beth is led into the playroom. Cuffing her hands behind a pole, Dan cuts off her clothes with scissors. After putting clothespins all over her body. Dan takes two dowel rods held together with rubber bands and traps the sweet lips of her sex between them.

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Goddess Soma’s Intense Bondage Training

9 Oct

Goddess Soma's Intense Bondage Training

Master Liam has scheduled Alice to see a world known dominatrix, and the dungeon holds the beginnings of her “Intense Bondage Training”. Dressed in red latex, she is placed on a bondage device with legs spread wide open, nude and wanting. Drooling, teased and tormented, it’s not long before orgasm is reached.

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B&D Pleasures – Slaves Of The Sorceror

7 Oct

Slaves Of The Sorceror

Join us as we treat you to real pain, pleasure and bondage in what is likely to long be remembered as a fantastic S&M video experience. Tight restraints floggings, clothespins, electrical tease and more awaits these two unsuspecting sexy co-eds as they become Slaves of the Sorceror!

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Kym Wilde – Ocean View

2 Oct

Kym Wilde - Ocean View

From the coastal waters of Southern California, to a beach house near Malibu, Kym Wilde shares memories of love and bondage. But the fantasies have become too intense for Kym. First the games of unusual suspension, next the whips, and some wax. This video has everything!

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Infernal Restraints – Bad Bunny

26 Sep

Infernal Restraints - Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny Doll has been languishing in the dungeon for a while now. She told us she was a pain slut so we decided to make every bit of her experience here a test of that. Every toy, tool and position will be used to make her scream, and then we’ll check to see how wet she gets.

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Hard Tied – Gunning For Beretta

24 Sep

Hard Tied - Gunning For Beretta

How hard can Baretta James cum? Well, to really know we’re going to have to take our time and do things right. It means warming her up first, making sure that she is ready to go. Jack Hammer plays with her pussy while she stands as still as possible in her bondage. His hands run roughly over her breasts and legs, getting a good feel for the curves of her body.

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