Harmony Concepts – The Incident

15 Mar

Poor Artemis is wrapped in a straitjacket and locked in a room. What she doesn’t know is Alexis is enduring the same fate right next door! Eventually, the gals figure out someone else besides the crazy nurse Dorothy is around by knocking on the wall between them.

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SM Studio Berlin – Latex Therapy

20 Jan

In LATEX THERAPY Dr. Silvia has to deal with especially nymphomaniac and sexually motivated rubber-patients. She gets them with appropriate and calculated measures as genital bondage, administration of golden shower, rubberization, crop punishment, electro-torture, dildo-training, straitjackets, vacuum pump, nipple clamps.

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The Feendish Manor Part 1

7 Apr

The Feendish Manor Part 1 full movie from Serious Images. In this video Mrs. Feendish binds her two rubber friends with a latex sleepsack and butterfly straitjacket. Binding her friends was not hard to do because both of them were quite willing to be under her complete control.

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