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Mar 06

Abduction On Devils Peak

Bondage and terror await Lena Ramon when she and her boyfriend get split up while hiking in the mountains. The wild man who finds this poor lost damsel is determined to train her to be his faithful sex slave! Beautiful location scenery makes this video and instant bondage classic, not to mention some of the hardest, roughest SandM play to ever be captured on video. From being bound to a tree and flogged mercilessly to being tormented with gigantic sexual implements, Lena suffers it all. This sexy babe will never go out in the woods alone again! (more…)

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Mar 04

House Pet

Release Year: 2003
Cast: Francesca Lee,  Mystery Man,  Madeline Macabre

Mystery Man gives us a peek into his private life as he shows how he treats his slave, the sleek Madelyn Macabre. From sleeping in ropes to heavy floggings to being turned into furniture, Madelyn is the perfect submissive in this hot BDSM video. Strict bondage, tight gags and a heavy, bruising caning are some of the erotic treats this Master delivers to his submissive. A true treat for couples, Mystery Man and Madelyn show that pleasure and pain can be mixed for the ultimate sexual experience. (more…)

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Mar 01

Desert Interrogation

One lone commando hell bent on finding the enemy captures 2 desert beauties and puts them through a nightmare on the sandy plains. This unhinged man beats his prisoners thinking they have vital information that he needs for his one man war. The girls punishment continue through the day as the hot sun also beats on them until the climactic ending. (more…)

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Feb 27

Nicole Tied At Home

If you like to see cute girls in tight bondage, struggling and squirming to get free, then this is the video you’ve been waiting for. Actually, it’s been waiting for you too. Originally shot in 1991 Red Head Nicole with her blue eyes, and natural boobs talks the viewer through the experience until the viewer (that’s you!) gets fed up and subjects her to various gags. Tape gags, Ball gags, Head harnesses, and blindfolds all contribute to a sensory deprivation experience. She’s not talking anymore! (more…)

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Oct 17

B&D Pleasures – BondageOrg Vol.1

Release Year: 2014

Can one website provide you with all the photos and videos of bondage and discipline that you desire? Could a single webpage introduce you to new people and expose you to so much variety that no matter what you were in the mood for you would find it? YES! Join Kiki Daire as she logs and then hold on for the most exciting ride of your life! (more…)

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Oct 07

B&D Pleasures – Slaves Of The Sorceror

Release Year: 2014

When two playful roommates awaken a sadistic sorcerer, they find themselves victims of a barrage of bondage and tease unlike they ever imagined possible. Join us as we treat you to real pain, pleasure and bondage in what is likely to long be remembered as a fantastic S&M video experience. Tight restraints floggings, clothespins, electrical tease and more awaits these two unsuspecting sexy co-eds as they become Slaves of the Sorceror! (more…)

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Oct 02

Kym Wilde – Ocean View

Studio: BD PLeasures
Cast: Kym Wilde, Alex Jordan, Kelly O’Dell, Justin Case, Shawn Ricks

From the coastal waters of Southern California, to a beach house near Malibu, Kym Wilde shares memories of love and bondage. But the fantasies have become too intense for Kym. First the games of unseal suspension, and other women. Next, and additional man, the whips, and some wax. She had to leave. Now, the memories of that pleasure have caused Kym to return and she retraces her steps. To that door of love and pain that she remembers so well. And she’s back, and he’s in big trouble. This time Kym decides that she’ll wipe that smug look off his face once and for all! This video has everything! (more…)

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Sep 04

Dirty Little Ass Sniffers In Bondage

Release Year: 2014

How degrading! How humiliating! How hot that is! Anastasia Pierce and D’Arby are Talia Monet’s dirty little ass sniffers, they’re definitely in bondage, and you’ll have to see this video to find out why! This vignette style film shows the three impish fetish queens doing what they do best: bondage, sensory deprivation, humiliation, fanny paddling, and very difficult positions. (more…)

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Sep 02

Roxy & Marie Bound

Release Year: 2014

Roxy and Marie want to play so they tie each other up and struggle with their bondage. Cuffs and chains are brought out and then the gags, as they place them on each other for more fun. As they fight against their restraints their lingerie slides off to show their supple breasts. The girls have a good day playing together! (more…)

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Aug 27

Phantom Image

Release Year: 2014

When a man’s strange dreams of performing sadistic bondage start coming to him during waking hours, he seeks the help of a professional. But matters only get worse – he is haunted by images of tying up beautiful girls in every pose imaginable, humiliating them, touching their tender young bodies – can anything cure the disturbing Phantom Image? (more…)

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