Infernal Restraints – The Cramp

11 Sep

Wrapped in leather, Crunched in discomfort, In distress, No sight, Can’t breathe, Fondled, Spanked, Stepped on, Cramped. The bondage is confining. Minnow Monroe is exposed; a toy to be played with. It struggles, it flips, it moans, and it grunts.

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Stress Tess’d – Tess Dagger

9 Sep

Tess is a tough cookie, but even the toughest cookie can crumble under the right pressure. Tess is perched on a small wooden pony with her shins and her tender cunt flesh taking all the weight. The cane adds to her predicament a level of pain that eats away at her resolve.

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Infernal Restraints – The Pool Of Tears

1 Sep

The cane makes her scream, but one or two slaps across the face and Kitty cries uncontrollably. Now every strike of the cane and whip brings more tears. Kitty does her best to control her sobbing, but the floodgates have opened. She’s never looked so beautiful.

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TopGrl – I Choose You Part Two – Hazel Hypnotic

4 Sep

Hazel’s pussy is first up for further contemplation. For that to happen, Hazel sits, highly exposed, stopped to a wooden “chair.” Both she and I know that her pussy is on display. As with any exploration, I begin from the outside and work my way in.

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