The New House Of Frazier Part 1 – House Chores

8 Apr

The New House Of Frazier Part 1

Feona’s domestic punishment starts in the kitchen. She is washing plates and dishes while bound for the occasion. When she’s done with the dishes, Bon makes her clean the floor with a scrub brush in her mouth while she’s tied in bondage.

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California Star – Bondage Video 12

7 Apr

California Star - Bondage Video 12

Intriguing use of rope and camera highlight this selection of scenes form five of your favorite bondage videos. A realistic inside look on female bondage play – a wide array of clever bondage techniques performed with precision and style on the loveliest, squirming female bodies in captivity.

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California Star – Strung Out

28 Feb

California Star - Strung Out

Annabelle and Loren are about to feel the wraith of their sobriety center owner, Marc Wolfe, when he learns that they have failed their drug test. Finding Loren sunbathing he declares that he must turn her into the probation officer. There is only one alternative, submit to being tied up and he will forget about the offense.

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California Star – Monkee Business

28 Feb

California Star - Monkee Business

Clearly these girls have been possessed by demons of depression. This is a job for Luke, exorcist monk. The possessed girls have been bound and carried to the monastery where Luke applies the tried and true techniques of tickling and bondage.

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California Star – Lewis Experiment

17 Nov

California Star - Lewis Experiment
Release Year: 2012

The only problem is she has begun to bring a bottle with her to work, drinking before she starts work, going out on breaks and drinking in her truck. Ultimately, her employer Ms. Swanson catches her in the act.

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CalStar – Dungeon Of Domination

20 Oct

Dungeon Of Domination
Release Year: 2013

Master Liam is a master of domination and is often paid in full when his lovely ladies have squirting orgasms as they are bound to chairs, dungeon devices and spread-eagled and dangling from the ceiling. Our first submissive is Alice and she is bound to a chair using the latest dental style gags.

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Goddess Soma’s Intense Bondage Training

9 Oct

Goddess Soma's Intense Bondage Training
Release Year: 2014

Master Liam has scheduled Alice to see a world known dominatrix, and the dungeon holds the beginnings of her “Intense Bondage Training”. Dressed in red latex, she is placed on a bondage device with legs spread wide open, nude and wanting. Drooling, teased and tormented, it’s not long before orgasm is reached.

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California Star – A Little Bit Tighter

24 Jan

California Star - A Little Bit Tighter

Bridgette has invited her friend Beauty over to her place where she and her boyfriend Liam reside. Never having met her, Liam is anxious to see if she truly lives up to her name. And she does! He’s not shy, and he asks if she would like to play a bit with some bondage ropes. She has a bit of experience and Liam quickly ties both Beauty and Little Bit, each in a different part of the house.

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