Caned And Shamed

11 Feb

Her buttocks are first spanked, then sent to her room to reflect she is caught masturbating. Horrified her elders haul Emma Brewster down to the kitchen. Fully stripped, Emma is then thrashed like never before! Both buttocks & thighs are welted by the multiple strokes of rod!

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A Submissive Mind

23 Dec

A Submissive Mind is a behind the scenes look delving deep into Kailee’s mind before, during, and after a caning session. Featuring exclusive interviews, which grant a unique and personal perspective into Kailee’s preparation, and emotional afterthoughts. Mr. Daniels and Kailee partake in a hard dungeon spanking, releasing Kailee’s emotions and tears.

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Whip Titty Fun – Nadia White

18 Dec

Nadia White has skin too perfect to go unmarked. Her body is hot and she is ready and willing to please. Tied off, her tits make perfect, perky targets. Each one gets its own whip at one point. The way the circulation is cut off makes them so sensitive that she can barely take it.

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