She Was Supposed To Be Cleaning The Pool

Gi had hired Brenda to clean the pool. It was really nice out that day so Brenda decides to lay out a little bit and get some sun. When GiGi comes out to check on her she was pissed. She was paying this little bitch for nothing and she makes her pay for that!

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Sizzling Hot Latina Begs For Mercy

Poor Enchantress Sahrye awakens in the garage massively tied with miles of ropes. I am in charge of watching her as my partner in crime searches the house for valuables. Our helpless prey frantically shakes her body, cries, sobs, protests and begs in Spanish to let her go because the brutal bondage cuts into her flesh. Her arms are fused completely together and her legs are bound from ankles to thighs with jute rope.

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Girl Strappado Tested For Arab Market

Raven runs to free me but she is quickly overpowered by a masked man who wrestles her down. The tiny girl puts up a good fight, but he is much too strong and soon ties her arms together behind her back and puts her in an excruciating and unbearable vertical strappado.

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Sydney Hale Bound Video Collection 3

My master wanted to try out a new toy since the first time it wasn’t tied tight enough. The new nose hook made an appearance and was attached up to my gag, it pulled against the skin on the inside of my nose, it hurt. I was so embarrassed about my nose being open like that. I naturally started snorting like a little pig.

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Harmony Concepts – Harperesque

New Harmony producer Phil Carson continues to show a great deal of bondage talent in this his second excellent effort. Paying tribute to masterbondager Sean Harper, Phil recreates scenes from the past on the beautiful women of today. Andrea Neal is tied like she’s never been tied before in three sexy scenes. Her spandex clad form squirms and wriggles as she meets the challenge of tight rope and gags. Cleo, clad only in a grey tank-top, purple panties and cute little socks experiences her extreme bondage interlude in bed. Then, sensational new bondagette Talia Monet, dressed in a form enhancing black spandex unitard, takes on one of the toughest ties around today for her very first shoot.

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Captive Chrissy Marie – The Case Of A Missing Woman

Captive Chrissy Marie - The Case Of A Missing Woman

Mr. Oak walks over to Chrissy. He holds out a mask that he has dosed. He tells Chrissy that she cannot be trusted and that he’s sorry but she’s going to need to take another nap. He can’t have her escaping again. Mr. Oak places the mask over Chrissy’s face and she mmmmppphhs into her tape gag as the mask slowly does its work. She struggles and tries to fight the coming rest but her attempts are all in vain.

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I’d Rather Be Tied Up Than Locked In That Creepy Closet!

I'd Rather Be Tied Up Than Locked In That Creepy Closet!

There was no chance of calling for help anymore. He left me there all bound and gagged and I struggled desperately to escape from the ropes, or at least find a more comfortable position! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse he comes back and proceeds to bind me into a tight hogtie so that I can barely move! I thought I would rather be tied up than locked in that creepy closet, but I guess I was wrong!

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Captive Chrissy Marie – Taped Back To Back In Overalls

Captive Chrissy Marie - Taped Back To Back In Overalls

Unknowing to Star Nine, a masked man is sneaking up behind her and proceeds to knock her out as well. Star is then taped up and gagged just the same as Chrissy was. Star wakes up after she is bound and gagged to find that she is also in a predicament and the man is no where to be seen. They both struggle and desperately try to get free, but before they manage to escape the masked man returns tapes them together back to back!

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Captive Chrissy Marie – Chrissy’s Biggest Fan

Captive Chrissy Marie - Chrissy's Biggest Fan

He takes the bondage to the next level by hogtying both girls (Chrissy Marie and Chichi Medina) then stuffing panties in their mouths and cleave gagging them tightly! He enjoys what he sees as they struggle for a few minutes. Then he comes back and folds up the turtleneck collars over the mouth and nose of both damsels and leaves them to struggling helplessly together on the bed!

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Captive Chrissy Marie – Running Out Of Time

Captive Chrissy Marie - Running Out Of Time

Chrissy Marie has been hogtied, ballgagged and left struggling in the bathtub with the water running. She desperately tries to escape as the water level slowly rises, becoming increasingly distressed as she realizes she is running out of time and can’t escape from the tight ropes. All she can do is helplessly struggle and hope that someone rescues her before it’s too late!

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