JBR Midwest Video Collection 1

These lovely young bondage models from midwest give me the great pleasure of tying them tight! Some of them are the best models in the country even the world! Some of our favorites: Christina Carter, Sara Liz, Stacie Snow, Serene Isley, Cali Logan, Nyxon, Angeliqe Kithos, Natalie Minx, or Randy Moore.

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Serene Isley vs. Black Silver

With Serene’s proclivity to wiggle out of rope I decided to see how she’d fare against a little chain. Starting with her ballet boots I coiled the chains around her body locking them on tightly right up to her elbows. Grunts of protest barely escaped the cruel pump gag in her mouth!

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2220 – Sandra Silvers & Christina Sapphire

2220 - Sandra Silvers & Christina Sapphire

MILF Secretary Damsels in Distress Extreme Duct Tape Torment! Their brutish boss gropes the big breasted pair through silky blouses, before ripping open the buttons and manhandling their massive mammaries. Taping them to their chairs, then together, the constrained, curious cuties truly are in a predicament!

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Close-Up Concepts – Corset Care Captivity

The curvy slave Brandy struggles valiently against Bryan’s tying. She wears a tigh black waist cincher and not much else! Soon her arms are tied and she is completely helpless to face the rest of her day.

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Tourist Trap Part 2

Our ladies are still in deep trouble as their captors continue to tie and torment them in order to get important information. Ball gags, bandanas, leather straps and exotic ties are used. How long will it take these women to loosen their tongues?

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Tourist Trap Part 1

Two young women are part of a protest in a South American jungle paradise. When one is captured by a paramilitary group the other tries to break her out. She is unsuccessful though and she too is bound and tortured. Great ties and suspensions for them this time! A classic oldie bondage movie.

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