Graphic Sexual Horror

19 Jul

Graphic Sexual Horror takes a peek behind the terrifying facade of Insex, the most notorious of bondage websites. Original Insex footage, behind-the-scenes interactions, and interviews with PD, models, members, and staff reveal deep fascinations with bondage and sadomasochism.

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Abducted & Abused

16 Jul

Sgt. Major Derek Viktur has a thing for Amber’s ass and he likes to play abduction games with hot chicks. Watch Amber get abducted, strung up, cunt busted and fucked hard. The little fuck toy gets hogtied and abused the way a hot piece of ass should!

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Serene’s Bondage Dream Hogtaped

9 Jul

After a while of this he tapes my wrists and ankles and then he disappears. After just a short time I all of a sudden wake and am now experiencing what I have been watching. Yes, I’m bound in a strange place on a strange bed. I squirm and struggle as hard as I can without falling off of the bed.

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Terror Perverse – The Girl In The Lift

7 Jul

The first of the Terror Perverse series from Poland’s Teraz Films, combining hardcore elements in the style of the Italian Fumetti books of the ’70s & ’80s with hilariously-unintelligible accents, Jacques Cousteau-style line delivery, a blistering-hot, oiled-up female body, and brutal S&M action in a creepy setting, dished out by a creepier goon.

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