Schoolgirls Discover BDSM & Enemas

The two schoolgirls get to undress each other and learn about spanking and being spanked, bondage, enemas, pussy eating, toe licking, nipple clamps, mouth gags, ice cubes, finger-fucking of both holes and more!

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Borderland Bound – Cornflower Connection

Borderland Bound - Cornflower Connection

Nikita Casilda in: The Sinister CornFlower Connection: Keeping the Meddlesome Girl Quiet & Strongly Contained! Gagging powerfully on her own socks, jammed rudely into her mouth, her face bent all outta shape by the might of the most severe tape known to man, wrapped without mercy around her mouth and head.

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Borderland Bound – Busty Escape Artist Vixens Kept Away

Borderland Bound - Busty Escape Artist Vixens Kept Away

Vickie & Nikita in: The Cabaret Club Confusion: Busty ‘Escape Artist’ Vixens Kept Away From the Big Magic Show! Gagged and tied like salamis in a dingy backstage storeroom, star escape artistes Vickie and the delectable Miss Casilda, have a sneaking suspicion about who has snatched them!

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Christina Carter Cumming

Christina Carter knows her way around a vibrator so I didn’t expect her to broken by made orgasms. However, I didn’t expect her to cum as fast or as often as she did. It’s amazing what holding the vibrator on a clit can do to a woman after she cums no matter how experienced she may be.

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Borderland Bound – Dangerous Thrills

Borderland Bound - Dangerous Thrills

Pandora & Skylar in: Dangerous Thrills: “Break in While We Are Out, Then Take Us By Surprise During the Evening & Truss Us Up in Skylar’s Bedroom! Skylar breathes heavily into his palm and grinds against him with her tight little arse as he sets about binding and gagging her. Impossible to know if she’s purring behind that hardcore handgagging… This is IT. He’s got her. What a turn on!

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Borderland Bound – Uniformed Beauties Struggle

AESP - Final Exam

Anissa, Pandora, Kourtney, Kellie & Sally in: With Gags Tied Tightly Between Their Teeth, Uniformed Beauties Struggle Desperately For Release! Our main headliner is the ravishing Pandora detained in her office, but we have some special treats for you here, including a bonus Kellie and Sally sequence featuring never-before-seen cleave gag action and the complete cleave gaggings from a previous tape bondage release.

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Borderland Bound – Hot Ladies In Danger

Borderland Bound - Hot Ladies In Danger

Roxi & Lucy in: Hot Ladies in Danger: The Booby-Trapped Agent Situation & a Chilling Figure From Her Past! Insane hogbound floor-dragging from one room to another… and a lot more besides! An open crime case, gathering dust, has just been reopened by beautiful secret agents Roxi Keogh and Lucy Summers.

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Stranger Cuts Carla’s Workout

Stranger Cuts Carla's Workout

Carla in: Not The Workout She Was Expecting! Included in this story: Brunettes, damsel in distress, bare feet, double sock stuffing, mouth packing, tape bondage, foot fetish, tape gag, wraparound gag, gag talk, female desperation, sock gagging, double sock stuffing.

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Captive Chrissy Marie Video Collection 1

Chrissy is a detective posing as a secretary to find incriminating evidence that will send her evil boss Captain Knap to jail! He’s been capturing women and selling them off as slaves to shady clients, but just as she found the evidence she needed one her boss’s henchman surprises her! He ziptied Chrissy’s wrists and ankles and pulled her pants down to her thighs for added humiliation!

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