Power Shotz – Bootie Call

Power Shotz - Bootie Call

The fabulous Alex Del Monaco is captured, stripped, whipped, bound, gagged and disciplined in various stages of undress. You want to see her bent over a stool, whipped and spanked hard? How about clothes pins on the nipples, mouth stuffing, hog roped or handcuffed?

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Powershotz – Two Teen Tarts Topped

Some guys like to control their women. But some guys want more than that; some guys want to dominate their women and bind them. The Master in this film does just that with several hot young girls – they’re taken, stripped, and dominated into bondage slavery. They are compelled to endure ball gags, the whipping post, suspension bondage, and being hog tied.

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Powershotz – Cheerleader Training Camp

Powershotz - Cheerleader Training Camp

Cheerleader on her way home from training is zip tied and taken for a ride. The ride includes being hooded and gagged, hogtied and whipped, leather strapped, fondled, neck roped and humiliated into subservience. Forced stripping, strict bondage and hard discipline will prepare her to cheer up those horny fans the way they need cheered up!

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Power Shotz – Bondage Newbies

Power Shotz - Bondage Newbies

Picture young fresh faced sexy girls with their hands cuffed behind their shapely soft bottoms. Or their legs spread open wide and roped really tied, while their creamy breast hang free with nipples erect just right with a hard ball stuffed in their pretty pie holes, not to mention the girls aren’t wearing any panties. They squirm and squeal in uncompromising positions.

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A Day At The Office

Self-bondage is the only way Justine finds satisfaction – muzzle-gagged and hogtied with her nipples clamped, bound in leather straps; Panty-gagged and cuffed in a kneeling strappado with clothespins on her nipples and bound to a chair wearing nothing but bird clamps, gag and her pantyhose!

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Better Than Chocolate Part 1

Pantyhose fans will love this tape – featuring our most requested models bound, gagged, restrained, hooded, and blinfolded in and with nylon pantyhose. Hose-hoods, collars, nylon mouth stuffing, self-bondage and more highlight this pantyhose compilation video.

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Arrow Films – I Like It Tight & Doubles For Domination

Arrow Films - I Like It Tight & Doubles For Domination

Sally Roberts, Susan Blair and Jani Logan star in this crazy-cool Arrow double-feature… and it’s a wild, fun ride, right ’til the end! (Well, actually BOTH ends!) Fetishwear, high heels, big, fat ballgags and tight, tight, TIGHT Arrow bondage will have you jumping in your seat!

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Arrow Films – Trouble With Tikis & Tied In Time

Arrow Films - Trouble With Tikis & Tied In Time

It’s an amazing Arrow double-feature! In THE TROUBLE WITH TIKIS, Sally Roberts and Judith Wilson wind up bound and gagged repeatedly because of a magical, wish-granting tiki idol that Judith has just bought. Story Two, TIED IN TIME, is a bit of a psychological thriller in which Sally, Judith and Teri Martine are all involved. This story is a bit tougher than Arrow’s previous works but all the ladies come through like champs!

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Arrow Films – Bondage Please & Pleasure Knots

Arrow Films - Bondage Please & Pleasure Knots

It’s another eye-popping double feature from Arrow producer Mark Mar! This time, Sally Roberts and Susan Blair are joined by their exotic babe girlfriend Judith Wilson for an all-brunette pleasure bonanza! Ultra-tight ropes and gags make for a sexy good time for everyone!

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Arrow Films – An Arresting Situation 2

Arrow Films - An Arresting Situation 2

Arrow great Abby Nash picked up the struggle where Sally Roberts left off! After America’s Bondage Sweetheart retired, it was left to Abby to fill the demand for another superstar – and that she did. Susan Blair reprises the role she played in part one of this series, vengeful Millie Squires. This time she’s applying the ropes to innocent nurse Evelyn Hunt (Abby Nash).

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Arrow Films – Seems Like Old Ties

Arrow Films - Seems Like Old Ties

Starring perennial Arrow favorites Sally Roberts and Susan Blair, this visual quality of this early-80’s tape falls a bit below modern standards, but the energetic enthusiasm these stars have for bondage really makes up for it. As you’d expect from an Arrow video, the bondage is potent and secure, and many of the gags are multi-layered with astounding amounts of mouth-packing! Directed by Jason Cord.

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Punished Girl Next Door – Part 1 Of 3

A guy comes in and Juliette awakes. She begs him to let her go, but he can’t understand what she says because her mouth is stuffed with the harness gag. So he ungags her. Now Juliette begs him again to let her go. She is very kind to him but he has another idea. She has to kneel on the floor and she gets a blindfold. He wants a blowjob and Juliette blows his dick. After a while he takes a pulls a leather mask over her head.

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Caught To Be A Ponygirl

Juliette walks along a lonely way to the paddock. She wears black riding boots and a special riding breeches. Suddenly a car stops in front of her. Juliette doesn’t know what happens. She can’t run away fast enough. The guys handgags her and pulls her to his car. There she gets handcuffs behind her back and anklecuffs. The guy connects the cuffs to an hogtie. Juliette struggles against her cuffs on the back seat while the guy is driving to his home.

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