Bad Girls Have More Fun!

Two beautiful secret agents dressed in clinging bikinis! An evil woman Who kidnaps women and enjoys her work TOO much. Spanking! Wrestling! Hot girl-girl action! Mix in a lot of on-screen tying – all in sexy panty-hose! Starring: Mylissa Ryan, Lauryn Richards, Danielle Gordon, Jocelyn Summers and Cassidy Brewer.

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Deep Cover

Exciting secret agent melodrama when an intelligence agency begins a desperate search for a young woman with information that will expose a government undercover operation. Starring: Lindsey Sinclaire, Jamie Austin, Kristi Lee, Mylissa Ryan and Jocelyn Summers.

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Self Bondage Surprise For Big Boss

Enchantress Sahrye decides to have some fun on her own before anyone else arrives and takes a pink ballgag and inserts it into her mouth buckling it tightly behind her head. She wastes no time in sitting down and buckling her ankles together binding them tightly before deciding she wants another gag and replaces the pink ballgag with a head harness panel ballgag.

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