Infernal Restraints – Teamwork

15 Sep

The name of the game is Teamwork. They start off chained to each other in such a way that only one of them can make it to their water dish. It is a cruel trick made worse by the fact that the gags in their mouths will keep them from swallowing anyway. It won’t be the only time they have to work together. Cyd Black wants to get his cock sucked and it is going to take both of them to get it right.

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Anita Feller – SlaveSex 14

4 Aug

Anita Feller - SlaveSex 14

Intensive BDSM action! You will feel the pain and pleasure just as if you were there! These masters are having wonderful time torturing and disciplining those two slaves with the help of Anita Feller! Anita Feller was German pornographic actress, specializing in hard BDSM and extreme pain videos.

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Extremely Cute Newbie – Evi Fox

4 Jul

Extremely Cute Newbie - Evi Fox

Feenix enters to dom her and begins amping up her predicaments, it’s easy to see that Evi was not prepared for the types of things that might be happening to her. Often, she lookes sincerely shocked by what is being done to her, but Evi hangs tough and sincere… she learns early on to listen to her Dom… and Evi pretty much turns into a perfectly adorable and brave submissive as the shoot progresses.

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Simon Blaise Dominates Ana Foxxx

3 Jul

Simon Blaise Dominates Ana Foxxx

Ana Foxxx has done her fair share of bondage movies but none like this! She allows Simon Blaise to totally dominate her in four exciting scenes you have to see to believe. She’s gagged, bound, clamped and whipped in scene one. In scene two, Ana finds herself bound spread eagle and endures orgasm after orgasm when Simon seduces her with his own version of a fire dance!

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Dan Hawke – 7th Circle Of Hell

2 Jul

Dan Hawke - 7th Circle Of Hell

We open on Seven sitting at her computer, chatting up Dan Hawke online. She thinks she wants to experience real bondage, but is a bit intimidated. Dan tells her it is now or never, so she agrees to meet. When next we see her, she is cuffed and chained in Dan’s basement. He enters and it quickly becomes clear that she is for more than she bargained for.

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Infernal Restraints – Bound Thing Part 2

26 Jun

Infernal Restraints - Bound Thing Part 2

Most people consider alarm clocks to be a necessary annoyance. Most people are not Claire Adams. For her the morning wake-up call is a painful experience. Electrodes are run to her chest so that PD can make sure she is alert and ready for the day ahead of her. It will not even be the worst part of her morning!

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Hard Tied – Bent

25 Jun

Hard Tied - Bent

Claire Adams is no stranger to the trials and tribulations of being in a cage. Being uncomfortable is nothing new. Being hung up spread eagle, however, may be. The way PD has her contorted in the air is simply amazing. Her flexibility is truly tested. He bows her in half at first and that is not even the worst of it. By the end of the day Claire will have tied herself into knots trying to please him!

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Africa Extreme – Repression In Chains

9 Jun

Africa Extreme - Repression In Chains

The thick breasts of our “Ladies” broke brutal and pitiless action. And her pussy also do not come too briefly: Stretched, penetrated, inflated! The masters control the art to push female loading capacity in the limit. With all variants of the Extrem-SM up to the vaginal desire summit and to the thankful acceptance of the seed of the master.

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Dan Hawke – Training The Office Tramp

7 Apr

Dan Hawke - Training The Office Tramp

Madison Young strolls into work tarted up in a way sure to drive the “boys” crazy. And she is really pissing off her coworkers- especially Patyon. Dan’s been hired to teach her a lesson. He knocks her out and chains her to a post. Ripping off her top he than uses her own slutty shorts to tease her cunt.

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Heydi Pervers – Straferziehung Im Wald

3 Apr

Heydi Pervers

On a walk through the mountain forest Master Domus disciplines Heydi by tough tortures: defenseless lashed to the tree she is whipped out, waxed and her pussy brutally fucked! And for Heydi’s girlfriend things don’t run better. Two macho men show the girlies how a supple mare has to work!

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Bondage Maidens – Taming Rebelene

11 Mar

Bondage Maidens - Taming Rebelene

Enter one Master Warlock who takes it upon himself to unleash the slave soul that has always lurked within her. Bound undressed and belted to the post and cross, her body becomes a canvas on which Warlock paints the art of abject subjugation, the rope, captains daughter and tomcat all combining to awaken and satisfy the erotic hunger that has consumed her each waking pont of time.

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