Kidnapped At The Forest

17 Jun

Juliette takes a walk through the forest and she doesn’t realize the horny man who is waiting for her behind the tree. He jumps out and handgags Juliette. He then takes her and cuffs her hands behind her back. Juliette is struggling and begs to let her go, but the man has other plans with her.

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Marsha May Must Endure Outdoor Bondage

10 Jun

It wasn’t smart of Marsha May to get into a taxi and not have enough money to pay the fare. The driver actually kicked her out in the middle of nowhere. That’s certainly not a problem for the guy who cruises by in a white van. Marsha flags the guy down and begs for help, willing to do anything for a ride!

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Amanda Vamp – Hitchhiking

4 Jun

Amanda Vamp has an ugly argument with her boyfriend and decides to hitchhike back to Prague. She soon catches a ride, but little does she know that the driver is the dark and perverted Leslie Taylor, and that their destination is not Prague but a dark cellar.

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