ShadowPlayers – Naked Slavegirls Punished

23 Dec

ShadowPlayers - Naked Slavegirls Punished

Sybil, Dawn and Lillith are naughty slavegirls who must be made to endure every whim that their demanding master has! Of course, the only proper way for his point to be made is if the girls are as naked as the day they were born. Sybil’s endurance is stretched to the limit in three ways.

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Pumped For Punishment

21 Dec

Occasionally, a special type of girl finds her way into our bdsm dungeon, and this kind of girl is highly coveted, for she can?t get enough pain and punishment, and that becomes a challenge for Master Bruno he Must accept. Beautiful and hot Isa Mendez has appeared here before, and she is a tough nut to crack.

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Hard Tied – Sitting Pretty

18 Dec

Hard Tied - Sitting Pretty

Sarah Jane is bound tight in a series of positions she’s never experienced before. At one point she finds herself in the most pleasurable and painful bondage predicament of her life. With her legs twisted over each other and ankles tied back, she’s forced to orgasm over and over.

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Hard Tied – Her Ass Is Mine

18 Dec

Hard Tied - Her Ass Is Mine

What starts out as a simple wrists behind the back tie turns into a experience in total control. One moment she’s on her knees and gagged, the next, she’s rolled onto her stomach, hogtied and helpless with heels on and pussy spread. Once her warm up is over, she’s tied face down ass high in the air and bound tight so the flesh between her thighs will be extra sensitive for what’s coming next!

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Nina’s Nightmares

16 Dec

Nina's Nightmares

“Terror Perverse!” is a new series of films from Teraz Films which contain hardcore elements in the style of the Italian Fumetti books of the 70s & 80s. As the night wears on, Ninas nightmares become increasingly filled with perverted and sexually violent imagery as she finds it harder and harder to tell whats is dream and what is reality. For Nina it seems that the nightmare is never ending.

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Infernal Restraints – Teamwork

15 Sep

The name of the game is Teamwork. They start off chained to each other in such a way that only one of them can make it to their water dish. It is a cruel trick made worse by the fact that the gags in their mouths will keep them from swallowing anyway. It won’t be the only time they have to work together. Cyd Black wants to get his cock sucked and it is going to take both of them to get it right.

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Anita Feller – SlaveSex 14

4 Aug

Anita Feller - SlaveSex 14

Intensive BDSM action! You will feel the pain and pleasure just as if you were there! These masters are having wonderful time torturing and disciplining those two slaves with the help of Anita Feller! Anita Feller was German pornographic actress, specializing in hard BDSM and extreme pain videos.

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Extremely Cute Newbie – Evi Fox

4 Jul

Extremely Cute Newbie - Evi Fox

Feenix enters to dom her and begins amping up her predicaments, it’s easy to see that Evi was not prepared for the types of things that might be happening to her. Often, she lookes sincerely shocked by what is being done to her, but Evi hangs tough and sincere… she learns early on to listen to her Dom… and Evi pretty much turns into a perfectly adorable and brave submissive as the shoot progresses.

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