Bound And Blond

21 Apr

Swedish blond Anna is naturally submissive and we see that right from the start. She wriggles in the tight ropes amid moans of appreciation for her bondage predicament. An elbow-bound Anna struggles on the floor and is soon rewarded with a stringent hogtie and some sensual teasing.

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Shutter Bed

19 Apr

As Told by Serene I had a very weird dream the other night. I had an out of body experience where I could see myself sleeping in the middle of nowhere on a rickety old dirty bed wearing a beautiful satin nighty. A man appeared dressed in a white dirty lab coat. He starts groping and manhandling my limp body.

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Shadowplay Imaging – Madison Daydreamer

6 Apr

Madison is bored at work, and has no one to play with at home. Her fantasies range from armbinders & thigh boots to nylon encasements & hogties. Her mouth securely stuffed and strapped full with BIG gags, she is helpless to do more than slip into bound bliss!

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