Borderland Bound – Hot Ladies In Danger

Borderland Bound - Hot Ladies In Danger

Roxi & Lucy in: Hot Ladies in Danger: The Booby-Trapped Agent Situation & a Chilling Figure From Her Past! Insane hogbound floor-dragging from one room to another… and a lot more besides! An open crime case, gathering dust, has just been reopened by beautiful secret agents Roxi Keogh and Lucy Summers.

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Captive Chrissy Marie Video Collection 1

Chrissy is a detective posing as a secretary to find incriminating evidence that will send her evil boss Captain Knap to jail! He’s been capturing women and selling them off as slaves to shady clients, but just as she found the evidence she needed one her boss’s henchman surprises her! He ziptied Chrissy’s wrists and ankles and pulled her pants down to her thighs for added humiliation!

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Harmony – Spandex Disco Queens In Bondage

Stacy Burke makes an absolutely stunning package in a sleek black ensemble, which contrasts nicely with the tight pink cord rendering her totally helpless; her ballgag is replaced on-camera with packing, a spandex hood, and a snug cleave-gag tied over the hood!

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Harmony Concepts – Spandex & Bondage

Phil Carson makes his directorial debut for Harmony with an outstanding presentation in the tradition of Sean Harper. Mr. Carson comes out of the gate strong with five scenes starring busty Andrea Neal and enthusiastic newcomer Claudette Linden. Phil honors the bondagemaster with the accent on spandex and lingerie, stringent ropework and tight, sexy gags.

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