Hard Tied – Barn Whore

27 May

Hard Tied - Barn Whore

Master A has decided he wants to play mind games with Rain DeGrey. Normally that would just involve a bit of corporal punishment, but today he is feeling especially sadistic. He has her fucking herself with an ass hook before the games have even started. The series of clamps he sets up later is pretty impressive. Every time she shifts her weight, even a little, the entire apparatus tugs on her tits and cunt.

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Infernal Restraints – Marica’s Pole

2 Apr

Infernal Restraints - Marica's Pole

Marica Hase is visiting from Japan. To show our hospitality we gave this Japanese cutie a pole. There are none like it and it is all hers. It runs the length of her body, is made of black and pitted iron, and has just enough shackle points on it to make sure her limbs are never free again.

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Room Serviced

26 Mar

Room Serviced

When Paige Richards shows up to her hotel room to find another model staying there she is none too pleased. Paige starts to call her agent to get out of the arrangement and pushy Christina Carter unintentionally starts a fight. Paige gets the upper hand during the catfight and Christina is compelled to use her final weapon, her kiss.

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Poolside Perversion

17 Mar

Poolside Perversion

Poolside Perversion takes us into the depths of Talia Monet’s swimming pool. Darling and Anastasia Pierce find out the hard way that you can’t breathe water, and you can’t disobey Talia Monet. There’s gags and waterfalls, breath play aplenty. And the ladies discover wet rope tends to bind together! Beautiful women and dangerous bondage combine in Poolside Perversion.

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Infernal Restraints – Sweet Surrender

3 Mar

Infernal Restraints - Sweet Surrender

Tracy Sweet has never been to the farm before. She got the grand tour earlier, but now I’m going to show her the best part: the barn. That is where the action happens. Tracy likes tight straps holding her limbs in place. She likes leather arm binders and the sting of a whip across her ass. And although she may not enjoy sitting with a wooden horse wedging its way into her pussy she definitely orgasms on top of it.

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Insex – Cell Feeds (912, 120, 33)

24 Feb

Insex - Cell Feeds (912, 120, 33)

Cell Feeds is 912’s most extraordinary and instructive stress-test to date. It is a compilation of footage from informal live feeds on March 18th, 24th, and 31st. The focus of which is, of course, her incredible breasts. They’re flogged, caned, clamped, milked, shocked (to the rapid pulse of the Insex chat), and sucked, sucked, sucked.

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Chimera Bondage – Old Farm House

9 Jan

Chimera Bondage - Old Farm House

Anita empties the contents of a bag onto the sheet then proceeds to tie her ankles and knees then ties a rope between her ankle rope and a set of handcuffs and looks around again before fastening a ball gag into her mouth and places a ties a blindfold in place so she can not see, finally securing her wrists into the cuffs behind her back so she is hogtied.

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Infernal Restraints – For Bondage’s Sake

8 Jan

Infernal Restraints - For Bondage's Sake

Calico Lane believes in art for the sake of art and bondage for the sake of bondage. It is a pure expression of her sexuality; her desire to serve and to be used. Nipple clamps and whips may bring her to tears, but they also will push her closer to orgasm. Being told to kneel or present herself for punishment will make her wet.

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Power Shotz – Bondage Newbies

13 Sep

Power Shotz - Bondage Newbies

Picture young fresh faced sexy girls with their hands cuffed behind their shapely soft bottoms. Or their legs spread open wide and roped really tied, while their creamy breast hang free with nipples erect just right with a hard ball stuffed in their pretty pie holes, not to mention the girls aren’t wearing any panties. They squirm and squeal in uncompromising positions.

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Jenny Welch Bondage Fantasies

12 Aug

Jenny Welch Bondage Fantasies

Sweet brunette Jenny Welch…an “All American Girl” type model…nice legs, sweet round ass, and perky little tits…never before had she done any bondage modeling…but, I got her to try it! These scenes are so amazing, for a girl who was new to the scene!

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Erotic Distress – Bound And Tormented 4

3 Aug

Erotic Distress - Bound And Tormented 4

Jade Indica: Sexy brunette Jade dons a realistic police uniform to play a cop that is captured, bound and gagged. Jade keeps trying to escape but nothing works! Carissa Montgomery: Busty blonde Carissa is grabbed at home, bound, gagged, manhandled and molested. Then she is stripped for more abuse.

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Erotic Distress – Damsels Bound 5

2 Aug

Erotic Distress - Damsels Bound 5

Hooker in Peril: Molly Winters plays a hooker that ends up in the hands of a bondage pervert. False Arrest: Stripper Talia Monet thought she was being arrested, but realized her error when the cop started binding and gagging her.

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Erotic Distress – Bondage Girls

1 Aug

Erotic Distress - Bondage Girls

Four tales of bondage from gorgeous girls awaits you! Kate Mandala: Kate plays a police profiler who is investigating a bondage freak. When she has herself bound and gagged to better understand her quarry, she discovers she might like bondage a bit too much…

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Amateur Bound – Bondage Humiliations

25 Jul

Amateur Bound - Bondage Humiliations

Moe is at it again as five young ladies are caught, bound, and humiliated for your entertainment. 1 hour and 19 minutes of bondage and humiliation that these young ladies can’t escape from. Kobe Lee is home on a hot summer day. When she starts to bitch about no air conditioning, Moe decides to teach her a lesson.

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Secretary Bondage 4 (2013)

29 Jun

Secretary Bondage 4

The job of aary is a highly disciplined one. And all too often, aary’s boss is a real asshole. So Master Rick Savage has dedicated a series to these hard-working ladies who suffer away and hopefully devote part of their office time to fantasizing about sick, degenerate actsoof perversity.

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Bound And Determined

27 Jun

Bound And Determined

Sexy Lilla Katt met Sir Nik Satanas at a BDSM convention, and has been dying to submit to him. Through Damsel in Distress bondage, both rope and device bondage, compelled orgasms, heavy flogging, scratching, and fucking Lilla with a fucking machine, Sir Nik asserts his dominance and leaves her begging for more.

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Harmony Concepts – Trouble In Store

20 Jan

Harmony Concepts - Trouble In Store

Buxom Cleo Nichole has just inherited an erotic book store, but her mean uncle is contesting the will — with the intent of putting the store out of business! Cleo retains lawyer Gigi Varga to help her keep the inheritance, but the bondage-curious counselor can’t help but indulge in a hogtied fantasy as she listens to her worried client’s story.

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