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Feb 28

Hard Tied – No Free Lunch

Hard Tied - No Free Lunch
Release Year: 2015

Bonnie Day has a hot date to get to, so Jack Hammer is going to have to be quick. That means no breaks, no time to recover, and no playing around. He wants to put her through some rigorous ties and if he’s going to keep his promise that it “won’t take too long” she is going to have to deal with switching positions, tension points, and predicaments rapidly. This is intense, technical rope bondage at its finest.

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Jul 27

Domestic Servitude

Charlotte is a slave in need of training and Master A has a custom curriculum for her. It may look like housework, but it teaches her so much more. It reins proper positioning, proper posture and shows her how to crawl like she should while serving her master.A clean house is not all he wants from her. She also needs to know how to take pain without a moment of hesitation or flinching. Trying to move away means she does not appreciate or respect her master enough. (more…)

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Jul 22

In Heat

Studio: Hardtied

Casey Calvert and I have a lot of fun together. We have our private games that we like to play. Today I brought her a present, a pair of cat ears and a tail. The ears are on a convenient little headband but to wear the tail she is going to have to insert a pretty sizable plug into her ass. If I let her crawl around with opposable thumbs it will break the fantasy. Instead I tape her hands with vet wrap, turning them into perfect paws. Her legs get bent so that she has to crawl around on her fists and knee caps. It amuses me to watch her play on the ground like an animal. (more…)

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May 31

Infernalrestraints – Oct 26, 2012 – All Stretched Out – Sasha

Release Year: 2012

Being suspended in a cage about 6 feet above the ground has Sasha wondering what is coming next. From underneath her PD has great access to her ass and pussy. And the system of pullies is designed so that when he wants to PD can lower Sasha down to the ground and fuck her face mercilessly. (more…)

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May 10

Mud Pie Pd And 412

Studio: Hardtied

412 has a high tolerance for pain and humiliation but that does not mean she can stand up to anything. She holds together pretty well, but when PD takes his cane to the soles of her feet she screams and cries like it is her first time taking a beating. She is wracked with sobs and her face is twisted into a grimace as she tries to maintain herself in the face of overwhelming agony. PD does a lot of sadistic shit to 412 but the hottest is probably when he stakes her to the ground in a muddy creek bed. (more…)

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Jan 25

Sensation Slut

Cici Rhodes is a tall lanky redhead that clocks in at 5’10. She might be too much woman for most, but not for us. Today we are going to cut her down to size and work her over in all of the ways that this sensation slut so badly craves. We are going to bind her down and stuff her holes until she can not get her cum eyes uncrossed. (more…)

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Oct 01

Sitting Pretty – Mira Raine

Release Year: 2013

Sarah Jane is bound tight in a series of positions she’s never experienced before. At one point she finds herself in the most pleasurable and painful bondage predicament of her life. With her legs twisted over each other and ankles tied back, she’s forced to orgasm over and over. Each time she cums, the building waves of pleasure are met with increasingly intense muscle contractions. Restrained and exposed in this contorted position, she can barely budge let alone escape the vibrator busily buzzing between her legs. (more…)

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Sep 24

Gunning For Beretta

Release Year: 2014
Genres: BDSM, Bondage, Humilation, Torture, Toys

How hard can Baretta James cum? Well, to really know we’re going to have to take our time and do things right. It means warming her up first, making sure that she is ready to go. Jack Hammer plays with her pussy while she stands as still as possible in her bondage. His hands run roughly over her breasts and legs, getting a good feel for the curves of her body. When he can tell she is eager with anticipation he gives her a little taste of the Hitachi, but just enough to get her really going. (more…)

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Sep 23

Sealed With A Kink (Lila Katt, Master A)

Genres: BDSM, Bondage, Rope Bondage, Submission, Torture, Caning
Video language: English

Lila Katt wanted to do something special today and so we brought in Master A. He knows what she needs to feel. There needs to be tight bondage, but with a twist. He wedges some very nasty little surprises under the rope to make sure that it will leave some marks. Her pussy is going to bear the brunt of his punishment. Every position she is bound in leaves it open to be in new ways. Master A is relentless and she is defenseless. (more…)

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Sep 15

Stuck In The Mud

Release Year: 2013
Cast: Cici Rhodes

Cici has a live bondage show scheduled to be broadcast from the farm in a weeks time. She needs help getting into the proper mindset. Girls like Cici tend to get all crazy from the constant barrage of nonsense garbage stimulus that is big city life. Wrapped up in thoughts of clothes, clubs, music, boys, girls and cell phones, there’s no telling where her mind is when she arrives. Several hours spent stripped down and tied to a post in the mud with a rough piece of wood forced between her teeth help her focus on the task ahead. (more…)

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Sep 09

Confessions Of A Homewrecker

Release Year: 2014
Cast: Emma Haize

I just love the feeling of someone having complete control over me.” That’s what Emma Haize said that really caught our attention. We brought her in for a very special shoot. Matt Williams is going to provide her with an intense bondage experience, something she is extremely into, and he is going to do it all in one take. (more…)

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Jun 06

X Marks The Spot

Cast: Mia Gold
Genres: BDSM, Bondage, Humilation, Toys, Hardcore, Domination

Lashed to a chair, stripped and spread wide, she squirms and strains against her bonds. Her pussy has been worked over well, teased, denied and edged repeatedly. A cloth and tape gag seals her mouth shut and metal nose hooks distort her face and pull it taught. Horny and desperate to cum, she’s willing to try anything for relief. She arches her back, straining her neck and thighs against the ropes. In sheer frustration, she humps the dildo positioned between her thighs, trying in vain to bury it deeper into her cunt, in hopes it will be enough to flip her switch. (more…)

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Mar 02

Hard Tied – Out Cry

Hard Tied - Out Cry

Release Year: 2011

Why do these sluts insist on asking for things? If Hailey had just been content to sit alone in the dark she could have saved herself a lot of pain. All she had to do was stay silent and PD would have attended to her in his own time. But she could not help herself. She called out and complained, and now she needs to be taught a lesson. One with clamps and canes and lots of pain. (more…)

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Dec 05

Hard Tied – Bent (Claire Adams)

Hard Tied - Bent (Claire Adams)
Release Year: 2012

Claire Adams is no stranger to the trials and tribulations of being in a cage. Being uncomfortable is nothing new. Being hung up spread eagle, however, may be. The way PD has her contorted in the air is simply amazing. Her flexibility is truly tested. He bows her in half at first and that is not even the worst of it. By the end of the day Claire will have tied herself into knots trying to please him. (more…)

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Nov 15

Hard Tied – Skin Diamond

Hard Tied - Skin Diamond
Release Year: 2013

What starts out as a simple wrists behind the back tie turns into a experience in total control. One moment she’s on her knees and gagged, the next, she’s rolled onto her stomach, hogtied and helpless with heels on and pussy spread. Once her warm up is over, she’s tied face down ass high in the air and bound tight so the flesh between her thighs will be extra sensitive for what’s coming next. (more…)

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