Hunterslair Video Collection 1

Hunterslair Video Collection 1. Young hot brunette is totally gagged and bound in hogtie position by Master. He leaves her there to struggle as he goes for more rope. He returns and ties her elbows tightly together. More ropes are tied around her shoulders, chest and upper arms pinning her arms to her back.

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Better Than Chocolate Part 2

Join Spi for a two hour journey to the brink of submission – we proudly present the very best of self-bondage! Beautiful girls gag and restrain themselves for your pleasure and their own – gurgling and drooling from behind tight gags, bound in chains, rope, handcuffs or leather in various self-bondage scenarios!

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Bondage Junkies – Jamie vs Her Aching Toes

When the pole is finally raised and the timer started Jamie is stuck between standing on her toes or hanging by her arms with both positions eliciting groans of discomfort. As the timer slowly ticks forward I remind her of the terms of our bet. That I can keep her there at least 10 minutes… but no upper limit was really ever agreed upon.

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Harmony Concepts – Mouthwatering Gags

At sight of these wonderfully bound and gagged women, you can go ahead and salivate, cause that what they’re doing! Catharine wears Sweet Gwendoline corset, panties, seamed stockings and high heels, bound alone in a garage with leather at ankles, knees and wrists, her wrists pulled up behind to the highest possible point, a bit gag cleaving her wet lips.

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Harmony Concepts – The Misadventures Of Holly Harmony

Harmony Concepts’ mascot, Holly Harmony, comes to life in the person of blonde bombshell Stacy Burke. And like the Harmony cartoon character, the buxom beauty is soon placed in tight bondage peril by a burglar who will stop at nothing to steal a project in the possession of Holly’s boss.

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Russian Fetish – When Russian Girl Is Drinking

Russian Fetish - When Russian Girl Is Drinking

When a Russian girl wants to drink – of course, you need to stop her. The best way is to tickle her! So it happened – Susanna is already reaching for a bottle of whiskey, and I sit next to her on the couch and start tickling her.

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Russian Fetish – Two Topless Girls In Ticklish Situation

Russian Fetish - Two Topless Girls In Ticklish Situation

They lie on the mattress and I’m going to tickle their armpits and sides. I also use an oil to better glide over their bodies. Most of the time I focus on the brunette, who’s trying tickling for the first time and she is very ticklish. I bite her and she goes crazy.

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Russian Fetish – The Ticklish Dice Game

Russian Fetish - The Ticklish Dice Game

Milolica is mummified with specific spots exposed: Ears, Nose, and Neck, Armpits, Belly and Feet. Then, Home girl and Katrina play a dice game. They roll the dices at the same time and depending on the number, the girls tickle the victim in certain spots.

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Russian Fetish – Abduction Of The Rich Sisters

Russian Fetish - Abduction Of The Rich Sisters

Katrine and Homegirl are two rich sisters who got overtaken at home. Both have already hands tied and are barefoot as the masked man forces them up the staircase. “At least you could let us put some shoes on. “Well you don’t need them right now, shut up and move!”

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Borderland Bound – Security Gaggings

Borderland Bound - Security Gaggings

Borderland Bound – Chantelle & Lissa in: Security Gaggings from the DarkSide: Shocking the Fiercest Chicks on Detail into Total Meltdown! So bound with hemp, gagged with tape, cloth wedged in between their teeth, the not-so-cocky-now guards struggle on, busting shapes, seeking freedom.

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