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Jul 19


Studio: Insex

Tyler gain dragged into the great outdoors, chained to logs and trees by the nipples and wrists, vulva flogged and fingerfucked. Bugs and dirt give a charming woodsy feel to Tylers special day out in the cunt-tree. The poor girl is pulled into the woods with her arms tight, elbows touching, wearing a head harness and a pair of jeans shorts. Shes pulled to the ground, her shorts yanked off, and shes restrained to a log. She tweaks. Dirt and leaves are tossed in her face, onto her body, and in her rose. Shes soon chained in a hogtie, rolled around on the ground, and caked with dirt. (more…)

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Jul 08

They Go From Ultimate

Studio: Insex

They go from ultimate boredom to terror, they to prefer the torture and stress through the wild world of sexual bondage and torment. Severe, shocking, and gritty, Insex regularly took women on a journey beyond their most intimate and delightful sexual fantasies, unspeakable perversions, and terrifying nightmares. Insex a world reknowned compendium of Bdsm techniques, a rite of passage for the women who dared to bare their bodies and souls upon its altar. (more…)

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Jul 06

Can You Hear Me Now

Studio: Insex

Thin, tall, and lithe, sage interrupts bondage with PD to answer her cell phone. Miffed, he takes care of the situation by locking her in stocks and slipping her phone up her cunt. Its the beginning of sages crash course in electricity. To show her appreciation (and avoid being shocked), she gives him a lap dance. Her ass is wired, of course, so PD uses the stim to make sure he has an extra good time. (more…)

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May 16

Mr Pogos Anal Adventure 912

Studio: Insex

Bound and half-strangled, 912 stews in a sexual smog. Shes fucked, spanked, flogged, ass-fucked, and whipped in this dark fuckfantasy. 912 at her best, drenched with sexual want. She dangles by her neck, already dreamy, half-gone. Her dress is filmy. You see everything. And she is filmy, transparent, as though shes draining off slowly, and youre ing her, taking your time. You pull the rope tighter, so that it digs into her throat. You cover her nose and mouth. She fights for air. (more…)

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May 05

831S Test

Studio: Insex

Silent, seductive 831 submits to bondage, pain, humiliation, and a long suffocation scene that leads to orgasm. There is something heady, something perilous in the way her body wrings itself in desire. It is a spell that 831 weaves, to be so ultimately and passively willing.She sits quietly, her wrists handcuffed behind her back and her ankles shackled. The top ring of her hood is attached above. Ordered to undress, 831 squirms as she complies. A cane encourages her to move faster. A spreader bar is tied between her knees and her mouth-watering nipples are clamped, stretched, and secured. She sits in silence.. (more…)

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Mar 24

Tri-Hanging Canagirls 3 Piedra Lorelei Mary Sean

Studio: Insex Archives

Fresh, innocent, unsure, they fidget nervously before the cameras, answering his questions guardedly. You have to wonder whats going through their heads as he begins to wrap the ropes expertly around their young naked skin. Are their panties wet with arousal when they feel his bondage embrace their limbs? Are they overwhelmed with urges they have never felt before? Was it all that they expected? Or maybe something more? In the third canagirls article, four newcomers submit themselves to PDs skillful hands for the first–and last–time. (more…)

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Mar 11

Tylers Cabin

I keep to myself mostly. Dont make a habit of poking my nose around where it dont belong. But I was out hunting squirrel one day and my eyes about popped out of my head seeing what I saw coming down that old logging road. Theres a guy named Joe lives way back up the mountain. Hes never been much for socializing. But in the woods that day, there he was, driving his pickup on the logging road. And damned if there werent three girls tied behind that truck buck naked, like they was livestock. (more…)

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Feb 27

Insex – The Prostitute (Misty)

Insex - The Prostitute

Misty is a prostitute whose boyfriend has just gambled himself into deep trouble. To bail him out, Misty decides to turn a trick with a dangerous man who pays lots of money for “weird stuff.” As it turns out, his demands are over the top, but what choices does she have? When he picks her up in his truck, he shows her a pile of cash and gives her a contract to sign. (more…)

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Feb 24

Insex – Cell Feeds (912, 120, 33)

Insex - Cell Feeds (912, 120, 33)

Release Year: 2014

Cell Feeds is 912’s most extraordinary and instructive stress-test to date. It is a compilation of footage from informal live feeds on March 18th, 24th, and 31st. The focus of which is, of course, her incredible breasts. They’re flogged, caned, clamped, milked, shocked (to the rapid pulse of the Insex chat), and sucked, sucked, sucked. (more…)

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