Sarah Brooke – Blue Spandex Bondagegirl

2 Sep

The silky blue spandex suit finds itself stretched tightly over Sarah Brooke’s gorgeous tits today. We tie her up tight with elbows behind and hands pulled to the front, frogtie her legs, and then pull her off balance with a nasty little crotchrope.

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Sarah Brooke – Extreme Strict Hogtie

29 Aug

Sarah Brooke is wearing a lycra spandex leotard layered over some American Apparel Tricot Spandex leggings.. She is tightly bound with her arms behind her and elbows welded together. Time to crank up the heat on poor Sarah. I step into frame and pull her back into an extremely strict back arched hogtie. With eyes wide open, she struggles to make the smallest movements, but can do nothing except fall over onto her side.

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Shiny Bound – Simone Tied Tight In Black

26 Aug

Simone all in silky black.. Shiny spandex catsuit only obstructed by an equally shiny black satin corset. Then I wrap ropes all over and around it until shes tied so tight she can barely move a muscle. Then I take that pretty package, gag it, and hang it from the ceiling in a very dazzling display.

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Harmony – Spandex Disco Queens In Bondage

14 Aug

Stacy Burke makes an absolutely stunning package in a sleek black ensemble, which contrasts nicely with the tight pink cord rendering her totally helpless; her ballgag is replaced on-camera with packing, a spandex hood, and a snug cleave-gag tied over the hood!

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