Brutal Punishment – Bound And Brutalized

Bound And Brutalized

How many different ways can a cruel master dream up to a helpless slave? Tied, bound and brutalized, slapped and spanked and whipped and punished beyond belief, a girl is helpless in the thrall of a cruel and harsh Dominant master.

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Brutal Punishment – Boobs In Bondage

Pietro totally dominates Sandra ice and binds up her boobs before cruelly squeezing and twisting them. Requiring a giant dildo into her farthest depths, he spreads the walls of her tunnel and shows her just how to mix pain with pleasure.

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Schoolgirls Discover BDSM & Enemas

The two schoolgirls get to undress each other and learn about spanking and being spanked, bondage, enemas, pussy eating, toe licking, nipple clamps, mouth gags, ice cubes, finger-fucking of both holes and more!

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California Star – Office Training

Sofia is late and just is not working up to par. She likes to play games on the computer and just screwing around in general which is leading to mistakes on her paperwork. Well her boss decides it’s time for a little attitude adjustment! The boss really puts her into some great spanking positions.

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Bizzare Video – No More Smoking

Bad little Tarra is in a miserable state knowing her poor tender bottom is about to be grilled. She has been caught smoking again and this time is in for a good thrashing at the hands of her head teacher. Poor Tarra has no defense and succumbs to his verbal berating and forceful maneuvers.

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Gwen Media – Painful Pleasures

Lady Cheyenne, sitting on her throne, is attempting to train a loving housewife in the art of foot worship. In the corner is a large, rubber-lined deprivation box which holds her equally submissive husband. The action moves back and forth between the two.

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Rick Savage – Excruciating Simone

Rick Savage - Excruciating Simone

When the beautiful Simone, one of the Master Savage’s best slaves, becomes lax in her service, he takes exceptionally perverse joy in her punishment. A vicious ass-beating, tit and nipple punishment, electrical punishment, candle waxing.

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