Rick Savage – Elkie’s Painful Examination

11 Aug

Rick Savage - Elkie's Painful Examination

Pretty bondage model Elkie Cooper has an appointment for a check-up with the evil Dr. Rick Savage in the medical examination room of the Den of Iniquity Dungeon in New York City. Immediately, her naked body discovers the tight restrictions of a straightjacket, as her screams of terror are muffled by a ball-gag.

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Harmony Concepts – Mouthwatering Gags

18 Jul

At sight of these wonderfully bound and gagged women, you can go ahead and salivate, cause that what they’re doing! Catharine wears Sweet Gwendoline corset, panties, seamed stockings and high heels, bound alone in a garage with leather at ankles, knees and wrists, her wrists pulled up behind to the highest possible point, a bit gag cleaving her wet lips.

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The Hotel Scandal

17 Jul

When Jewell Marceau takes her fun to the room’s patio window for all to see, the hotel manager – Anastasia Pierce has a few things to say about it. With a confiscated vibrator and security camera tapes as evidence, Jewell reluctantly agrees to an “arrangement,” rather than face the police. However, being gagged, straight jacketed and locked outside on the room’s courtyard patio wasn’t at all what she had in mind!

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Harmony Concepts – The Incident

15 Mar

Poor Artemis is wrapped in a straitjacket and locked in a room. What she doesn’t know is Alexis is enduring the same fate right next door! Eventually, the gals figure out someone else besides the crazy nurse Dorothy is around by knocking on the wall between them.

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