Power Shotz – Bootie Call

Power Shotz - Bootie Call

The fabulous Alex Del Monaco is captured, stripped, whipped, bound, gagged and disciplined in various stages of undress. You want to see her bent over a stool, whipped and spanked hard? How about clothes pins on the nipples, mouth stuffing, hog roped or handcuffed?

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Powershotz – Two Teen Tarts Topped

Some guys like to control their women. But some guys want more than that; some guys want to dominate their women and bind them. The Master in this film does just that with several hot young girls – they’re taken, stripped, and dominated into bondage slavery. They are compelled to endure ball gags, the whipping post, suspension bondage, and being hog tied.

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Powershotz – Cheerleader Training Camp

Powershotz - Cheerleader Training Camp

Cheerleader on her way home from training is zip tied and taken for a ride. The ride includes being hooded and gagged, hogtied and whipped, leather strapped, fondled, neck roped and humiliated into subservience. Forced stripping, strict bondage and hard discipline will prepare her to cheer up those horny fans the way they need cheered up!

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Power Shotz – Bondage Newbies

Power Shotz - Bondage Newbies

Picture young fresh faced sexy girls with their hands cuffed behind their shapely soft bottoms. Or their legs spread open wide and roped really tied, while their creamy breast hang free with nipples erect just right with a hard ball stuffed in their pretty pie holes, not to mention the girls aren’t wearing any panties. They squirm and squeal in uncompromising positions.

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Kleio Valentien – Bound On Sybian

Kleio Valentien rides a sybian with her thighs and calfs tied together, hands tied behind her back, and ball gagged, made to endure multiple made orgasms. Our tattooed vixen is back and this time, after her strip tease, we tie her in a kneeling position on a sybian. This is the most powerful vibe that we know of and her orgasms just flow from her willing pussy.

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Curious Cyber-Slave

Tobi jumps at the chance to get her paws on a young cutie like Justine, and soon is chatting on-line with Justine – guiding her through a self-bondage sequence in preparation for her arrival. The clock ticks as Justine struggles – impatiently awaiting the intensity of her new experience.

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Russian Fetish – Big Hard Session For Alla In Catsuit

Russian Fetish - Big Hard Session For Alla In Catsuit

The unknown inquisitor decides to torture bold Alla and he begins to tickle her sides and hips and feet, and poor Alla turns around strongly and laughs. She didn’t expect such torture but the hardest part is just waiting for her. Putting metal toe-cuffs on her toes and removing the tape from her mouth, he puts a pink gag into between her teeth.

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Russian Fetish – Alsu Intimate Tickling Games

Russian Fetish - Alsu Intimate Tickling Games

Alsu wears a sexy outfit which shows her breasts, she is suspended by the hands and I sensually tickle her body and bite her. Then Alsu is immobilized on a lying cross and I will do whatever I want with her. I tickle her thighs, belly, armpits. My tongue tickles her sides and armpits, as well as the stomach. Next, Alsu is hogtied on the bench. I tickle her in this position and then move on to whips and sticks.

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Russian Fetish – Intense Tickling Of Topless Elizabeth

Russian Fetish - Intense Tickling Of Topless Elizabeth

Tonight Elizabeth’s tender young body will be tickled with four hands. Throughout the clip, we lubricate her body with oil. The oil flows abundantly over her breasts, belly and sticks down, soaking her panties. Her skin becomes velvety under the influence of the oil. My partner and I wear thin latex gloves to avoid leaving fingernail marks on her sensitive body.

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Russian Fetish – Alevtina And Olesya Tickle Interrogation

Russian Fetish - Alevtina And Olesya Tickle Interrogation

Alevtina and Olesya find themselves tied up in chairs in the lair of gangsters. Everyone has one leg tied to the bench in front of them. In order not to leave any traces, the intruders come up with a clever way of interrogation – tickling.

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