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Aug 16

Bruce 7 – Attitude Adjustment

Bruce 7 - Attitude Adjustment
Release Year: 2017

Nikki has a problem. Nikki has a roommate, Chayse, who has not paid her half of the bills since she moved in. Luckily, Nikki has a friend, Bruce Seven, who is great at teaching women how to behave. Along with his slave Felecia, Bruce is going to set things straight. Get ready for an attitude adjustment!

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Aug 06

Slave Fyre – Burned Tits

Slave Fyre - Burned Tits
Release Year: 2011

Slave Fyre is the ultimate masochist. She literally craves pain all the time –and the agony is never enough. She needs her meat, her udders, to be permanently marked to reminder her that she is a worthless piece of meat. That is what happens in this punishment. The bitch’s udders are permanently marked with the cauterizing pen, then they are pierced with huge needles, and finally the hot wax covers her huge, punished, udders. The bitch bears some of these marke even today.

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Aug 04

Anita Feller – SlaveSex 14

Anita Feller - SlaveSex 14

Intensive BDSM action! You will feel the pain and pleasure just as if you were there! These masters are having wonderful time torturing and disciplining those two slaves with the help of Anita Feller! Anita Feller was German pornographic actress, specializing in hard BDSM and extreme pain videos.

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Aug 01

Slaves In Love – The Cheater

Slaves In Love - The Cheater
Release Year: 2013

Genuine subs encaged, spanked, hogtied, dominated, tortured – and of course, fucked! We offer an insight into the depths of sadistic sex which can be pleasurable for both sides. If you admire dominated hotties and want to see them in the most extreme sex acts this is the perfect place for you!

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Jul 31

Insex – Piglet Live

Insex - Piglet Live

Brimming with energy, even ropes can’t hold this girl down. Clad in curve-hugging exercise attire, 1203 twists and turns on the ground attempting to escape PD’s ties. In this feed she gets a thorough workout, Insex style. After managing to wriggle out of her bondage, the young vixen is retied even tighter. Ample breasts squeezed between a branch and the table, she’s not going anywhere anytime soon. A tennis ball pushed behind her pouty lips makes her screams inaudible as tits are attacked by the cane.

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Jul 31

Insex – Bedding Piglet

Insex - Bedding Piglet
Release Year: 2016

Precious piglet awakens bleary-eyed to find her real nightmare has just begun. Stretching her chained arms, she evaluates her predicament and tests the restraints that render her captive on a metal bed.

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