The Bondage Channel – Slowly Losing the Battle (Lola Lynn)

Glamour model Lola Lynn agrees to try out the orgasm bar. She edges herself trying not to cum over the Hitachi. But she loses after being bound tightly with tied nipples she jumps and squirms as the wand goes on!

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Slaves In Love – Interview With Slave

Is a terrific site for those who enjoy submissive russian girls in the most bizarre sex acts. Genuine subs encaged, spanked, hogtied, dominated, tortured – and of course, fucked! We offer an insight into the depths of sadistic sex which can be pleasurable for both sides.

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1582 – Sandra Silvers, Chrissy Daniels, Lisa Harlotte & Fayth on Fire

1582 - Sandra Silvers, Chrissy Daniels, Lisa Harlotte & Fayth on Fire

All On Screen! 4 Nabbed Gals Lotus Tied, Stripped and Orgasm Tormented! Once the two MILFs are secured, Chrissy and Lisa get the same treatment. All four girls struggle on the floor to no avail. One of the thugs enters with a pair of shears. One-by-one, starting with Sandra he cuts off the ladies dresses, exposing their entire bodies and removing any modesty from their situation.

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1669 – Sandra Silvers & Jackie Christianson

1669 - Sandra Silvers & Jackie Christianson

Two MILFs Captured for Double Spread Eagle, Double-Head Dildo & Dual Vibrator Girdle-Bound Orgasm Torment! Struggling and ballgagged, they are making quite the noise as each other’s movements bring the other to orgasm. Their captor know that what is next will make them very loud, so he tops off their huge ballgags with multiple strips of duct tape.

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Insex – Noise Complaint

Demi Sutra has to be one of the sexiest cops to ever carry a badge. Unfortunately for her sexy doesn’t get her out of sticky situations. Demi doesn’t want to do what he tells her to do. He tries to convince her that if she just complies it’ll be easier.

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Close-Up Concepts – Corset Care Captivity

The curvy slave Brandy struggles valiently against Bryan’s tying. She wears a tigh black waist cincher and not much else! Soon her arms are tied and she is completely helpless to face the rest of her day.

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