Gwen Media – Sessions 14

Mistress Julie Simone loves to smoke and she doesn’t care that her submissive, Krissy, can’t handle smoke very well, especially with an ashtray gag in her mouth. In this 14th edition of the Sessions series, Julie further punishes the sexy brunette by smothering her with her breasts and ass, tickling, paddling, and caning her sensitive feet.

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Extreme Tit Torment 12 – Megan

When Rick Savage takes one look at Megan’s firm ripe melons he knows it’s time to give our lucky viewers another volume of the highly successful Extreme Tit Torment series. It’s tit slapping, hot candle wax, excrutiating binding and all the evil tit punishment that Rick can think of.

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Rick Savage – Excruciating Simone

Rick Savage - Excruciating Simone

When the beautiful Simone, one of the Master Savage’s best slaves, becomes lax in her service, he takes exceptionally perverse joy in her punishment. A vicious ass-beating, tit and nipple punishment, electrical punishment, candle waxing.

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Rick Savage – Wax Torment Bethany

Hot Wax dripping on my tits and pussy makes me orgasm. As you’ll see, I’m a screamer. It seems weird how something so hot and so painful can feel so good! As those hot little beads of wax land on my nipples and my clit, you’ll hear me scream in a mixture of pain and pleasure!

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