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Jun 18

Exclusiv Collection, BDSM “Insex 2003” – 42 Best Clips Part 2

Release Year: 2016

Insex creator “PD” is out to break paiges defiant spirit. Right away she is left to simmer, bound, gagged and hooded in a closet overnight. By the time the hood is removed, and she is lifted off the wet newspaper lining the closet floor, paiges feisty glare is softened to timid pleading. Next, paige will be lashed down and pulled (by her hair!) into the kitchen, where she will be cleaned and dressed in vintage lingerie. She will endure a mixture of punishment and pleasure, including a cane and some electrodes, until her gagged moans indicate she will be a good girl who prefers the pleasure. (more…)

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Jun 16

Exclusiv Collection, BDSM "Insex 2005" – 50 Best Clips

Release Year: 2016

Arriving in a naughty schoolgirl skirt, 412 moistens a dildo with her tongue then slides her cunt down on top of it. Impaled, she balances on tall heels for her interview, slender neck straining in a posture collar. (more…)

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May 27

Tamed – 822

Tamed begins with 822 locked into metal stocks. A pussy flogging brings forth hysterical laughter from her. From there, her behavior only gets worse. She’s partly suspended and tied so that her arms are bent over her head and down to her back. The gag in her mouth creates a constant string of drool. She gnashes at him, trying to bite him. He attaches nasty clips on tender skin. She emits the incomparable 822 screech, screaming and twisting. After this display, she’s strapped to a rail and pussy whipped again. Then her arms are stretched above her  head and she’s -whipped. (more…)

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Mar 25

Punishment Of Prostitute

This is the first full time film of our collection, Punishment of a Prostitute. That part 1 shows us the humiliation and following punishment of a helpless Russian blonde
prostitute who came to quite a brutal guy for some short cash. But instead she receives a rude attitude and gets disgraced, trying to fulfill her Client wishes. (more…)

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