Calstar – The Trap

Calstar - The Trap

Tearfully, Jody struggles against the ropes that cut into her nakedness and hold her immobile. The burglar found her cache of bondage toys and is using them… on her! But Jody startles herself when, in the midst of her terror, the masked, nubile beauty turns on a red hot heat in her loins! Later, Jody and her girlfriend, Dianah, set a trap to catch the thief, punish her… and torment her… Jody does it for revenge, but Dianah does it because she thinks the thief is from high places… and even poor little rich girls must be punished when they are very bad!

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Calstar – Punished 6

Calstar - Punished 6

The Heritage Collection – Punished No. 6 features five women, all beautiful slaves of their secret pleasures, as they writhe and squirm within the confines of the ropes that bind their tender flesh. Their ropes take each damsel to the limits of their endurance and passion, and all are bound to please. Their bodies are taut as they strain against their ropes and chains, desperately trying to get loose and away from their tormentors.

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