Calstar – The Happy Woodcutter

Calstar - The Happy Woodcutter

Of course, the young camper was frightened at the sight of the burly woodsman. Therefore, he had to tie her up. It wouldn’t do for such a tender young thing to get lost in the woods. She jumped and yelped the moment his rough hands touched her skin. This girl was ticklish! Paul’s big hands had a great time poking and squeezing her flesh. He decided to strip her and retie her in several different positions. He tickled her some more as he thought to himself, “Things don’t get much better than this. Her girlfriend should be back before nightfall. I’ll bet she is ticklish too!”

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Calstar – Border Patrol

Calstar - Border Patrol

Tina, the border patrol have seen us. You take the stuff and I’ll decoy for you.” The two girls had done a deal with a man in Mexico to bring stuff over the border. But they hadn’t really thought about the consequences. The decoy girl got caught, handcuffed and taken to the guards’ headquarters where she was stripped naked and bound. Tina has yet to be found and brought back.

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