Aes Productions – Akira’s Nightmare

Akira Lane is plagued by nightmares. She dreams of a home-invasion robber who forces her to strip and gag herself, then strictly binds her into an inescapable ball-tie. Before she can free herself, the burglar spirits her away and she is stringently tied to a post, her clothes cut away. The beautiful dreamer thinks her nightmare is over and awakens, only to meet the burglar of her dreams who ropes her into a tight elbows-together hogtie. Following bondage story is “The Great Film Robbery.” A gorgeous courier (Karina Santos) is waylaid, taken to an office, gagged and fold-tied before she can pick up a collection of films. Meanwhile, secretary Jenni Lee is surprised by the villain’s accomplice and securely gagged and chair-tied so he can complete the robbery. All tying and gagging shown completely on-screen! Starring: Akira Lane, Jenni Lee and Karina Santos.

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