Amanda Foxx – Brutal Breast Bound Hogtied Terror

Busty blond MILF Amanda Foxx is carried into the lair over the Hunter’s shoulder, with her elbows crushed tightly together behind her back. She screams and cries into the tight cleave gag pulled between her lips as he bends her over his table. He ties her wrists and ankles tightly together then sits her up on the table. Her huge tits are then pulled out of her tight spandex top. Rope are wrapped around her chest, shoulders and upper arms, pinning her arms to her back, then he begins to bind her breasts in a rope tourniquet. Amanda looks down in horror as her beautiful tits are crushed and distorted in the tight rope tourniquet. He then rolls her over onto her belly, Amanda scream in pain into her gag as the weight of her body crushes her brutally bound tits under her. The Hunter ties a rope to her elbows then runs the rope down between her ankles and jerks her up into a back arching hogtie. Her poor bound tits are lifted off the table as she pulls the hogtie rope bow string tight.

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