Amber Deen – The Surprise Visitor

Amber Deen comes home, takes a shower and puts on her satin nighty, then crawls into bed. He sneaks over to her bedside and gets the rope ready. He grabs her and holds her down as he ties her wrists behind her. As she comes to, she freaks out and begins to yell and panic. She screams at him “What are you doing you brat?!” He quickly flips her over, shoves a sponge in her mouth, and tapes it shut. She kicks and moans and tries to crawl away, but he grabs her by the ankles and yanks her back across the bed. She twists and turns and he struggles to hold on to her. He ties her ankles and pulls her into a hogtie. He swings her around and pulls her up into a backarch and secures her to the headboard.

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