An Evening Of Gags With Ariel Anderssen Pt 2

Part 2 begins as Ariel Anderssen is introduced to an evil, spring loaded device designed to her mouth open and prevent her from being able to close it. Still tied to the chair, Ariel is left to endure the evil device for a few minutes. The spring loaded device is removed and Ariel’s mouth is stuffed with 2 small sponges. Once her mouth is stuffed with the sponges, her mouth is sealed shut with self sticking bandage wrapped tight around her mouth and head. Once again Ariel is left to endure her new gag for a few minutes. The wrap is then removed and the 2 small sponges removed. Ariel looks relieved, but it is short lived. A larger sponge is stuffed in the sexy blondes moth and her mouth is then sealed shut with duct tape wrapped tightly around her mouth and face. After being left once again to endure to tight gag predicament, the clip ends as the tape and sponge are removed from Ariel’s mouth. But her night of gags is not over yet!

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