An Evening Of Gags With Ariel Anderssen Pt 3

As the clip begins, a large sponge used for mouth packing has just been removed from Ariel’s mouth. She’s trying to recover from the sponge and tight tape wrap that had held it in place, but i don’t allow for it. I quickly move in with clothespins and order her to stick her tongue out. Reluctantly, Ariel Anderssen opens her mouth and sticks her tongue out. I then place 3 clothespins on her tongue as her next gag. After a few minutes enjoying Ariel struggle with and endure the clothespin gagging on her tongue, I return with more in store for the beautiful blonde. The clothes pins are removed from her tongue. I promptly stuff a large car wash sponge in her mouth and seal it in place with multiple layers of microfoam tape wrapped tightly around Ariel’s moth and head. After a few minutes I return to change Ariel’s gag one more time. I remove the microfoam tape and then the large sponge from her mouth. I take out a roll of self adhesive bandage wrap and order Ariel to open her mouth. I place the first layer of bandage material deep in Ariel’s mouth and the begin wrapping it very tight.

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