Andrea Neal – More Than Just Strict Design

I have to thank a member for sending me an email asking for me to go back and post some really old stuff. So I decided I would go back to the origins of Andrea’s shoots and revisit pictures that haven’t seen the light of day in decades. Yeah, I know my rope work is barely passable, and the lighting is well… non existent, there is still a certain charm to these photos that is enduring. Plus, its fucking Andrea Neal. And yes, you all out there have probably heard how much we all just Adored her to – but we did – and you can see why in these pictures. She was just so… real. Fun, quirky, girl next door, awesomeness – and a girl that could turn on the “Damsel in Distress” thing so well, that on more than one occasion, I stopped to shooting to make sure she wasn’t really in life-theatening distress.

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