Angel Lee – Do Your Job

Angel’s boss hired her for let’s say her assets. Mr. Ivan Boulder is upset this time because she used her assets to get another employee to meet with a client that Mr.Boulder told her to meet with personally. Ivan has talked with Angel a number of time about this but she is not getting the message. He doesn’t want to fire her. Angel could make him a lot of money if she would just do the job. Ivan figures spending a few hours tied knelling on a chair that well fall over if she moves to much might help get the point across. Angel’s mouth is stuff with a pair of panties and taped in. Before Ivan places her onto the chair he pulls the dress up so he can see all of those lovely assets. After making Angel kneel on the chair Ivan ties her elbow tightly together followed by the ankles and knees. Ivan secures Angel to the chair and to get his point across ties a rope from her hair to the hot high heels she always wears.

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