Anton Productions – Bound At Home Eve Ellis

Hot redhead Eve Ellis is captured by a merciless intruder in a hockey mask. The masked creep ties Eve very securely to a chair, her hands cuffed behind her back and pulls a cloth tightly between her teeth. He exits and Eve struggles to no avail. The camera captures this fine damsels distress from several angles while she whimpers in fear and pain. She is adorably helpless in her blue tank top and jeans. Despite Eves constant whining, the villain ties her up yet again. He finally shuts her up with a cleave gag. Rope around Eves chest perfectly frames her huge tits as she struggles exhaustingly on the couch, then the floor. The onscreen tying takes a while, uses lots of rope and is very secure. Eve Ellis has to strip down to her white cotton panties and socks, revealing her luscious tits and shapely body.

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