Ariel Anderssen, Leotard, Pantyhose, Zipties

More and more zipties are used to immobilize Ariel Anderssen. First, she gets some ziptie face bondage. Then her heels are removed and her big toes are pulled back and ziptied to her waist. Ariel moans through her sponge gag as I tighten up the zipties which are pulling her into the splits. I keep adding and cinching zipties, and soon she is completely secured to the post. I then attach a block and tackle to the one buried in her cunt, and use it to bury it even deeper. I tidy things up a bit, by snipping some of the long ends off, before clamping Ariel’s nipples. Ariel’s moans start getting a little more intense now as I add even more zipties.

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