Ashley Wolf – The Jogger Parts 1-3

Ashley Wolf starts off in shiny spandex but is captured and tied up in various positions! In the first video she is caught, has panties stuffed in her mouth which is taped shut, is tied to a ceiling anchor point, is groped and has crotchrope applied. She stuggles against her captor but gets nowhere. Now in part 2, poor Ashley finds herself tied face down on the bed. She is now ballgagged, and her wrists are tied behind her and attached down to the headboard. Each ankle is tied to either side of the headboard as well. In part 3 Ashley Wolf is on her back with her arms tied above her head and anchored up to the headboard. There is a SEVERE crotchrope tied over her leggings that is pulled down to the footboard of the bed and pulled very tightly, nearly splitting her in two. Her poor legs are frogtied off to the sides and anchored up as well.

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